Guide on how to register and make online SKCK-POLRI

Certificate of Police Records or better known and abbreviated as SKCK is a document containing information on a person's good behavior issued by the POLRI after conducting an investigation until the time the SKCK certificate is issued based on existing police record documents that the applicant has no record of or involvement in any criminal activities while in Indonesia with the letter's validity period of 6 months from the date the SKCK was issued and must be extended if needed before the SKCK's expiration date.

In general, SKCK is more needed and used by job seekers. Where SKCK is one of the requirements that must be fulfilled when applying for a job at a company or institution, both private and public in Indonesia. for now, SKCK can be made online. So that the applicant does not need to come directly to the Regency / City POLRES where he is domiciled / the area of ​​origin. Of course, with the registration service and making of SKCK Online, it will further increase the speed of service in making SKCK. No need to come and queue when you want to make an SKCK, just go online at home.

Guide on how to make a complete online SKCK

Here I share a guide on how to make SKCK online using Android, Computers and Laptops through the official SKCK Online-POLRI website to make it easier to administer and manufacture SKCK.

1. Visit the Website SKCK Online - POLRI


3. Fill the formSatwil

Covering the types of requirements for making SKCK, the regional unit where the regional police SKCK is made, the Police or Polsek, and the address according to the KTP, after completing the data for the CLICK NEXT

4. Fill in the Personal Data Form according to the actual situation

Includes Full Name, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, Gender, Marital Status, Citizenship, Religion, Occupation, No, Tel / HP and Address according to KTP

5. Uploaded a photo size 4cm x 6 cm with a red background. After all the personal data input is filled in and the photo is uploaded, click the CONTINUE menu

6. Fill in the Hub Form. Family according to the actual situation

Includes Full Name, Age, Religion, Nationality, Occupation, and Address of Father, Mother, Real Brother and Step Brother listed on the Family Card

7. Click menu Add siblings / step brothers to add data for other family members. After all Input Data Hub, the family is filled in. Click the CONTINUE menu

8. Fill in the Form Education. Covering the level of education, name of school / university / university, province, district / city and year of graduation. Click CONTINUE

9. Fill in the Piadana Case Form. Answer questions about criminal cases and violations that have been committed. If you have never been accused of a criminal act or violation, select the option Never then click the CONTINUE menu.

10. Fill in the Physical Characteristics Form according to the physical characteristics that you have, starting from the shape of your hair, face shape, skin color, height, weight, special marks, for example, flies on your face. Left and Right Fingerprint Formulas for those of you who have previously made SKCK. For those of you who are new to the first time or don't have a fingerprint card, please leave it blank. After complete physical characteristics data, click menu CONTINUE.

11. Fill in the attachment form. Where you are required to upload Photo files or Scan of KTP, Passport for existing, Family Card, Birth Certificate / Diploma, and Fingerprints. Special for Fingerprints, follow the previous procedure, namely Left and Right Fingerprint Photos using Purple Stamp Ink on pure white paper. All files are in JPG or PDF format. When finished uploading Click Menu CONTINUE

12. Fill in the Other Information Form which includes a brief work history, pleasure / hobbies / hobbies, easy contact addresses and telephone numbers. When finished, click the PROCESS Menu

Proof of SKCK Online Registration appears, please download and print as proof that you have registered for SKCK online on the SKCK Online - POLRI website.

Such is the Tutorial Guide on How to Register for making SKCK Online through the SKCK Online-POLRI website. Hopefully this is useful for those of you who are in need of this guide, don't forget to leave a trail by like FansPage, Subscribe and Share.