Guide to How to ByPass Mi Redmi 4a Account with WODM Tool

Any Xiaomi brand Android for any type when it has been synced with a Mi Account when Hard Reset / Return to Factory Settings or Re-Flash will definitely be locked Mi Account. therefore for those of you Xiaomi Brand Android users, I highly recommend not to just create a Mi Account, especially the Mi Account Password which must be created without origin and easy for you to remember or you will one day experience a problem with your Mi Account locked device when your Android is Reset or Flash Again.

For example, the following Xiaomi Redmi 4A Android has been synced with the Mi Account Owner. But the owner doesn't remember the Mi Account Password he made himself. As a result, when he forgot his Android Redmi 4A pattern, he immediately locked Mi Account.

To solve the problem of Forgot Mi Account Password there are 2 alternative options. The first is bypassing semi-permanently using the WODM Tool application as in this tutorial or bypassing it permanently using the services of Android technicians who sell online remote bypass services. but until now, only the Global Version of Xiaomi's Android can actually be clear permanently..

Guide to How to ByPass Mi Account on Redmi 4a with WODM Tool

The first step you have to do is open the Backdoor case and the engine cover of the Redmi 4A. You can see the test point in the photo below, the test point is located near the connector which is adjacent to the barcode.

Connect Redmi 4A with a computer in Qualcomm mode by connecting 2 test points using tweezers or other tools that can conduct electricity then followed by connecting the data cable connector. make sure your computer has Qualcomm drivers installed so that Qualcomm devices can be detected and read perfectly.

If the procedure is correct, then your computer device manager will appear Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 port. Repeat if you fail the test point experiment until it is successful.

After that Open MiFlash Tool, Click the Refresh button if it turns out that the Qualcomm Redmi 4A device is not detected and read. After that Click the Select Button and navigate to the Redmi 4A Frimeware Folder. for the lower area menu option select Clean All then click Flash to Flash Redmi 4A with MiFlash Tool.

Here I do not provide a download link for Redmi 4A frimeware, you can try searching google with a note not to use MIUI frimeware above MIUI 10. Because MIUI 11 and 12 currently cannot be bypassed using this method.

Wait for the Flash Process to finish, if an error notification appears such as Hello Packet, unplug the usb cable and battery connector, plug in the battery connector again and do a test point. The flash process is complete and a success is indicated by the appearance of the Success notification. Unplug the USB Cable and Battery Connector then plug back in the battery connector and try turning on the Redmi 4A.

Do the setup settings for using the New Device After Flash

Until here we have successfully re-flashed Redmi 4A in an unlocked condition Mi Account as long as the SIM card is not installed and or connected to the Internet network.

The next step is to disable the Mi Account so that when the Redmi 4A is installed a SIM card and connected to the internet network the Mi Account is not locked anymore. The trick is to bypass it using the WODM Tool application.

But before doing Bypass Mi Account using the WODM Tool application, we must activate OEM Unlock and USB Debungging through the Developer options. To activate the Feature tab Developer options 7 times MIUI Version

Find and Find the Developer options menu, then Enable OEM Unlock and USB Debback Feature.

So that the Redmi 4A Device reads in ADB USB Debungging mode, you must install the PdaNet application. Connect Redmi 4A with the computer, then the Device Attached notification will automatically appear in the right corner of the desktop screen.

For the PdaNet application please download HERE and for the WODM Tool Application please Download HERE. On the Redmi 4A Android screen the Notification Allow USB debugging will appear? Confirm OK

Run the WODM TOOL application, then click Unlock MI Account. Then the WODM TOOl Application log will display Phone Found information.

Click once again to Unlock MI Account. Redmi 4A will automatically restart and the WODM Tool log appears a notification All Done By WODM Tool ..! which means that the Bypass Mi Redmi Account 4A process was successful. As the effect of bypassing Mi Account using this method, on the Android screen sometimes a Waiting For Debugger notification will appear, just confirm Force Close.

Now Redmi 4A is free from the problem of Locked Mi Account, you can install the SIM Card and connect to the internet network safely.

As long as the Android Redmi 4A which has been bypassed using this method is not hard to reset / restore to factory settings or flash again safely from a locked Mi Account problem. however, if Android 4A is performed a Hard Reset or Flash Reset, the Mi Account will automatically lock back, because this method is only a semi-permanent bypass.