How to Download Free High Resolution Images on Pixabay

Pixabay is a website that provides free copyright-free images (CopyRight) so that all images from Pixabay are safe to use as content, especially images to sweeten blog content.

To be able to download high-resolution images (full) on Pixabay we must and must have a Pixabay account. Without an Account on Pixabay, we will never be able to download the images we want there. If the image from Pixabay is directly copied and taken the URL, then when you paste it in the content, a watermark will appear and a low image quality will appear.

Therefore for those of you who often take pictures on Pixabay I suggest you immediately create an account on Pixabay. So that you can download all the pictures on pixabay freely and freely with the best resolution ..

Account registration on Pixabay Free is free of subscription fees, you can also share photos of your work on Pixabay. It is also possible that you will get a reward for an original image created by yourself that you share via the donation menu between Pixabay users.

Guide to the Easy Way to Create a Free Pixabay Account

1. Visit the Pixabay Webiste page.

2. Click the Join Menu in the upper right corner of

3. Enter your User Name without spaces. Can use a combination of Letters and Numbers

4. Enter your email address (Google Account) and create a password for Pixabay Account

5. Click Join to create an account and join Pixabay

6. Complete your profile account on Pixabay, filling out a more complete profile is better

7. After completing the Pixabay Account, you are free to download images on Pixabay with the image resolution according to the available options.

That's the tutorial guide on how to easily create an account on Pixabay as well as how to download high-resolution images for free on Pixabay. Immediately create your Pixabay Account now, and enjoy the benefits of being able to share Free Images with each other.