How to make a NPWP for Cooperative Bodies and Individuals Online

In today's digital technology era, almost all data collection needs, be it personal, organizational, institutional and corporate needs, have begun to be promoted online. for example, now we can shop online, pay taxes online, make online SKCK, register BPJS Online, register online schools, register online schools, one by one the data needs are now starting to be changed to online to make it faster and easier.

On this occasion I will share experiences and tutorials on how to make/register an NPWP for Agencies (Cooperatives, Institutions, etc.) and Individuals Online via the website. with this online registration / creation of WNWP, we do not need to come directly to the Taxation Office if we need a NPWP number which is rushed, registration and NPWP numbers can be obtained easily and quickly in just minutes.

How to register and fill in the NPWP Online Registration Form

The following is the order of registration procedures and how to fill in the NPWP Online registration form. For example, here I am registering an NPWP for the Ground Coffee Production Cooperative Business. even though this tutorial can also be a guide for registering a personal NPWP online, I think the steps will be very similar or almost the same, it's just different in the data input only .

Visit the Website Online registration of NPWP

On the Online NPWP Registration Dashboard page, select the option Do not have an account? Click Register for new taxpayers who don't have an account.

Enter your Email Address and enter the Captcha Code then Click Register

Step 1 Registration of NPWP Online is complete, Check your email (including in the spam folder) for a link to continue with step 2 of the series of account registration process.

Open the Email Message from the eRegistration Administration of the Directorate General of Taxes, Click Link Verification

Step 2 Registration of NPWP Online, choose the type of taxpayer (WP) whether it is a business entity or an individual.

Fill in all the existing forms, don't miss anything, leave the input data blank in the section for which you don't have the requested data. To continue to the next step Click Register

Step 2 Registration of NPWP Online is complete, check your email again to find the email message sent by the eRegistration Administration of the Directorate General of Taxes.

Click the Activation Link to continue the NPWP Online Registration

A notification appears Congratulations, the account has been successfully created, the first facility that can be enjoyed is NPWP Registration, Continue Registration with Click Here to start NPWP Registration.

Enter the Online NPWP Registration Dashboard page, please login using the email and password that was previously created. (Sorry to miss the Add Documentation Retrieval Password process)

Start filling out the Taxpayer Data Registration Form starting from Step 1 to Step 8


In the option to select the status of the center / branch, please select the center by giving a checklist then click next

For Production and Sales Profit Checklist Business entities, then fill out Form 2 of Taxpayer Identification following the existing Instructions.

Look for the Regional Code where the Cooperative Body's domicile is, using the name of the Village and District, after being found Select it according to the domicile location.

After completing filling out Form 2 of Taxpayer Identity and making sure that the data input is correct and correct, Click Next to proceed to the next step.

Fill in Form 3 Cont. Taxpayer Identity in accordance with Cooperative Document Data

Search for KLU and select the one that matches the cooperative's type of business, you can use business keywords such as "coffee" to find KLU.

After finishing filling out Form 3 Cont. Taxpayer Identity Click Next to continue registration to the next step.

Fill in Form 4 List of Managers / Investors

Input one by one members of the Cooperative Management starting from the Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and Investors if any.

Fill in the Management Member Form in accordance with the Population Identity so that no Invalid Data will occur in the future.

After finishing adding the Cooperative Management, click Next to proceed to Step 5 Identity of Responsible Person.

Check Form 5 Identity of Penangung Jawang which is automatically filled in by the system, which is taken and using data from the Head of the Cooperative.

Make sure there is no wrong data then click next to go to Step 6 Appendix

Scanned KTP, NPWP and Deed of Establishment. For each KTP and NPWP file, the cooperative management is combined into 1 file in JPG format.

Upload the KTP, NPWP and the Cooperative Establishment Deed, then click Next

Checklist The statement that the data entered is correct and complete, then click Next

Select Income tax option, then click Save

A Save and Record Form Confirmation window appears. Click Yes

NPWP Online registration is almost complete, follow the Instructions that appear in the Information column

Click Record / Edit Form to double check the data that has been inputted, if you feel it is correct and don't need to be double-checked just click Request Token.

Enter the Scapcha Code for confirmation, click Submit

Token request was successful, and token was sent via email, please check email to get the token sent.

Copy the Token Code that will be used to confirm NPWP registration later.

Confirmation of Certificate of Obtaining Tax Information through the Registration Application by entering the token code then clicking Send.

A notification appears that the online Koperasi NPWP registration process is successful and information that the Login Username has been changed using the NPWP Number. Click Close to close the notification

Registration and making of NPWP online is complete and successful.

You will receive a return email message stating that your Cooperative has been registered as a taxpayer (Central) at the Regency / City KPP Office.

Thus, Tutorial Guidelines for Easy Ways to Register an NPWP for Cooperative Business Entities and Individuals Online at the Online NPWP Registration Website. Hopefully this tutorial is easy to understand and practice, good luck and good luck .