How to Quickly Rename Multi Image Files Easily

For those of you who work as a blogger, of course, the need to rename the supporting image of the post article with the file name according to the targeted keywords is a necessity and important things that must be done so that later the text and images are related to the title and description of the posting article.

In this way, the article content will have more SEO quality when compared to articles with images whose file names are still the default, the results of the documentation are not adjusted according to the target keywords that are targeted, for example, the file name of the screenshot results will usually use the identity name: Screenshot_1 and so on.

Here I will share a tutorial on how to rename image files quickly and easily in tens to hundreds of image files automatically using the FastStone Photo Resizer application. in this way you don't need to be tired of renaming files one by one which of course will be very time consuming and labor-intensive.

Guide on How to Rename Files Easy and Fast

Just follow the steps below to start renaming multi-image files easily and quickly using the FastStone Photo Resizer application:

1. Run the FastStone Photo Resizer Application

2. Select Image Storage Folder to rename

3. Insert the selected image into the Rename target via the Add button

4. Determine the Rename Output File Name Result

5. Click Rename to start the Proces

6. Confirm Rename File by clicking Yes

7. Finished, Rename multi image files successfully Click Done

The results are as shown in the screenshot below from the 18 screenshot images that I renamed using the FastStone Photo Resizer application.

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This is a short tutorial on how to quickly rename multiple image files quickly and easily using the FastStone Photo Resizer application. Renaming image files is very easy and fast, no need to do it manually, which is tedious and takes up a lot of your time.