Easy way to Transfer DANA Balance to a BCA Bank Account

How to Transfer FUNDS to a Bank Account . DANA is a service in the form of a Digital Wallet Application that can be used as a payment tool for various online transactions, for example, such as shopping at an online shopping center. besides being used as a means of saving money and paying online transaction bills, DANA can also be used to transfer money between accounts and also to accounts of local Indonesian banks such as BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI, CIMB NIAGA, and other banks in Indonesia that have collaborated with DANA.

So that the existence of the DANA balance transfer feature to the Bank Account can make it easier for users who want to withdraw FUNDS BALANCE according to their needs and the balance held in the DANA Application. The minimum amount of finding a DANA balance through a bank account is Rp. 50,000, - with a transfer fee of Rp. 5,400, -. Transactions on the DANA App are actually free of charge as long as the number of transactions made is not more than 10 times within 1 month. If you exceed the free transaction limit for 10 times in a span of 1 month, the 11th transaction and so on will be subject to admin fees.

The following is a Tutorial Guide on Easy Ways to Withdraw FUNDS or Transfer Funds to Bank Accounts in Indonesia for free without Admin fees as long as they do not exceed the maximum free quota limit of 10 transactions within a period of 1 month:

How to Transfer DANA Balance to a BCA Bank Account

1. Open the Funds Application
2. Select the Transfer To Bank Menu
3. On the Send to Bank Account window select the Add Bank Account option

4. Enter your Bank Name, Account Number and Name as listed in the Bank Savings Book

5. Confirm the addition of Bank Accounts by pressing the Add New Bank Option. Here I don't use BCA savings, so I use BRI as a substitute

6. Propose a nominal transfer (minimum Rp. 50,000, -)

7. Press the Continue Option to continue the Transaction

8. Press Send Funds Option to confirm the transfer amount

9. Press Confirm Option to continue Transaction

10. Enter your DANA Account PIN

11. Follow the next instruction until the DANA transfer transaction process is declared complete and successfu.

Such is the Tutorial Guide on How to Transfer FUND Balance to a BCA Bank Account, but apologize in practice using BRI. This tutorial can be applied to Fund Transfer using Other Bank Accounts. for the steps of the transaction process procedure are exactly the same, only different bank account option.