How to Tethring Wifi Hotspot HTTP Injector Without Root to PC

How to Tethring Wifi Hotspot HTTP Injector Without Root . Manipulating internet data packet quotas for Social Media Applications or Game Data Packages into Regular Flash Package Quota is now common among Android users. the article is social media packages or games are classified as cheaper when compared to regular flash internet data packages. In this way, Android users can get internet quota with a large capacity but at a fairly affordable price. One example of a package change method that has recently been discussed is the Room Guru package, the Instagram Package and the Mobile Legend Game Package.

As for the tool used, namely HTTP Injector, this tool is both a Tunnel and an Injector that is already included in one package. If in the past when internet tricks were rampant, you must have known the name Tunnel and also Inject which was used via a computer. well ... if this HTTP Injector is specifically for Android users.

Here I will discuss the Tutorial how to Easily Tethring Hotspot Wifi Internet Network Android using the HTTP Injector application so that internet access can be used on other devices such as computers and laptops. without this method the internet network from Android using the HTTP Injector application will not be accessible by windows, connected but there is no internet access. Let's just go ahead ... let's practice it now:

First of all, you must download the Proxifier Application as a bridge connecting Internet Network Access between Android and a computer. Download Proxifier Full Version Gratis.

Buka Aplikasi HTTP Injector Pilih Tab Menu Tool atau Alat

Select Tethring Tools Options, then Select Menu Options Hotshare

Select Options STAR WI-FI HTSPOT

Then you will be directed to the Hostpot settings and Android Tethering system, turn on Hotspot

Back to the HTTP Injector Application Hotshare Window, Go to Step 2 Tab STAR HOTSHARE

Install the Proxifier application, don't forget to use the Registration Key so that Full Verison for Users can freely use your name. After the Install process of the PRoxifier application is complete, just run the Proxifier applicatio.

Run CMD by pressing the Windows key + R then typing the command config then press Enter Keyboard.

Pay attention to the IP address that I point to using the red arrow, the IP address is the Default Gateway alias the IP address that comes from Android. Copy or write down the IP Default Gateway to NotePad then it's time to configure it to Proxifier. open Proxifier select the Profile menu then select Sub Menu Proxy Servers ...

Here my position has been successful and connected so that in the Proxy Servers Window there is already a Address, port, and Type Sock. Klick Add..

Enter the IP address that was previously copied into the Adress column, fill in the port column with the number 1080 then select the SOCKS Version 5 protocol.

Click the Check menu to ensure connection availability, if the procedure is correct and valid, a notification will appear Proxy is ready to work with proxifier!

Confirm the application of the settings by clicking OK, if a confirmation dialog appears, then select OK or Yes until you return to the main page of the Proxifier application.

Until here you have successfully connected the internet network from the Android application that uses the HTTP Injector application. Please try a test to browse Google.

Thus the Tutorial Guide on Easy Ways to Tethring Hostpot Wifi Internet Network from Android using the HTTP Injector Application Without Root to PC with the addition of the Proxifier Application. Hopefully it is useful, easy to understand and practice by those of you who need it.