Advantages and disadvantages of Telkomsel Orbit

The survey results of wearesocial and hootsuite shows, Indonesia has 175 million Internet users and on average use the internet for 8 hours a day. Since then, activities such as watching videos, streaming music, listening to podcasts, accessing social media, playing online games, shopping via e-commerce have become popular activities carried out by internet users in Indonesia.

So many of your activities in cyberspace make quality and stable internet access important. In addition, the concentration of activities in homes that need to be done in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and normal causes us to remain productive at home. Therefore, Telkomsel orbit is here to provide smarter, faster, and more reliable connectivity solutions.

Telkomsel Orbit is an Internet solution for digital home networks Telkomsel's leading 4G-LTE. it uses a WiFi modem and a data package that does not require the customer to subscribe. Telkomsel Orbit can help increase productivity while still being comfortable enjoying digital entertainment without worries.

1. how to Buy Telkomsel Orbit Modem

Users can access the official Telkomsel website Orbit at to make purchases easily. After the product is shipped and arrived, users can carry out the installation process and activate it independently. You can use the Referral code at the end of this post to get an additional bonus Quota of 5GB.

2. How to Buy Telkomsel Orbit Packages

To purchase Telkomsel orbit internet packages, you can do it directly through the MyOrbit application which you can download on the Playstore or you can also buy packages through the My Telkomsel application with payments via e-swallow such as OVO, DANA , LinkAja.

3.Stable speed

Orbit Telkomsel has a stable internet speed on the 4G LTE front network from Telkomsel. In addition, Telkomsel Orbit Modem can be connected with up to 60 devices so that all family members can access the Internet simultaneously in one Hotspot modem network easily.

3. transparent

Telkomsel Orbit 24 hour application access allows users to use the application throughout the day to monitor internet quota usage. This service also does not impose automatic extensions and excessive usage fees.

4. all functions in one application

Telkomsel orbit provides miorbit which allows users to manage connected devices, monitor quota usage, install Internet usage time, to buy data packages easily.

5. Guaranteed quality

Orbit Telkomsel guarantees the quality of its products by providing a money back guarantee for 7 days from the time the device is received. customers can also enjoy replacing a new modem if the damage occurs in the first year of use.

Orbit Telkomsel itself offers two modem options, namely Bintang Orbit Max Orbits. Each purchase includes a modem, Telkomsel prepaid SIM card, and data quota (50 GB for star orbit and 150 GB for max orbit). Star orbit can be connected to a maximum of 32 devices, while Orbit Max can connect to 64 devices at once.

During the initial stage of this launch, Telkomsel provides a special price for purchasing Telkomsel Orbit products. the star orbit modem variant will be priced at IDR 799,000, while the Orbit Max has a price of IDR 2,399,000. In addition, there are four data package options for customers that can be activated via the myorbit application. Here are the price details:

  • 100 GB quota (30 days active). Price: IDR 130,000.
  • 50 GB quota (30 days active). Price: IDR 80,000.
  • 30 GB quota (30 days active). Price: IDR 65,000.
  • 10 GB quota (7 days active). Price: IDR 20,000.

As an alternative to digital Internet, Telkomsel Orbit makes it easy for users to get better internet access services. These are four easy steps for you to be able to enjoy smart, fast and reliable connectivity from Orbit Telkomsel:

Check the desired location, whether it is covered by Telkomsel Orbit Service or not. to check it, you can do it directly here.

When the location is reached, you can choose a modem that suits your needs and add a data plan for a larger internet quota. Note: If the selected location is not reached by Orbit Telkomsel or there is no product availability (both modem and data packages) you can enter personal information such as name, email and phone number for further notification.

After selecting modem and data packets, you canregister using a Facebook account or email.

For the advantages and disadvantages of Telkomsel orbit, please refer to the following Video Review of Telkomsel Orbit Max:

Then all you have to do is enter your delivery information, confirm your order, and make a payment. If you have a referral code, you can write it down when confirming the order.

Once the modem arrives, you can easily install it without the help of a technician. when installed, you can simply activate it via the myorbit application which can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and will be coming soon to the App Store. here's how to activate Telkomsel Orbit via Myorbit:

  1. Turn on the modem that has been received.
  2. Enter the application myorbit uses the account used during registration via the website.
  3. Click "Activate" to start the activation process.
  4. Scan for a powered modem to connect with the app.
  5. Once the modem is detected, you can register a prepaid SIM card by selecting

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That is a brief description of the Telkomsel Orbit Products, hopefully it can be a reference for those of you whois looking for an alternative modem with good quality.