Easy way to Install Canon ip2770 Printer Driver

Actually to install a Canon IP2770 printer which is very easy to do even if you've never done it, because just insert the driver CD, install the program, then follow the next command. Very easy, right? But it will be a problem when you don't have a CD driver. whether it's because it's damaged or lost. So, we are all going to provide information on how to install a Canon IP2770 printer without a CD driver.

On this occasion, we are using a Windows 7 64-bit printer and a Canon IP2770, but you can also use Windows 8 and 10.oh yes, we also assume you do not have a CD drive, so you should download it first, later we will explain below. Oh yes, first of all you have to know the specifications of the device you are using. This is to make it easier for you to choose the right driver. whether you are 32bit or 64 bit Windows user. Right-click My Computer then select Properties, then the information on the type of Windows you are using will be displayed.

How to Install Canon IP2770 Printer Driver Without Driver CD

then we will briefly explain and detail the steps for installing a Canon IP2770 printer without using the driver CD.

First You Must Download a Printer Driver. for those of you who have a Canon IP2770 printer driver CD, you no longer need to download the driver. & nbsp;

To download a Canon printer driver is not that difficult, because on the Internet there are many websites that provide download links. please search through Google search for Download Canon IP2770 driver. After that, there will be many websites that provide download links, please choose just one or you can immediately click on the following link : Free Download Driver Canon ip2770

Install the printer driver on the PC Once you get the drivers, simply install them on your computer by right-clicking then selecting Run as administrator.

Wait for the Canon IP2770 driver to make a few seconds, then an installation menu will appear as shown below. Then click Next.

Then the regional will appear, because you have to be in Indonesia. Please select the Asia region, then continue by clicking next.

The next step is the license agreement. You don't need to read it, just click yes to agree to it. Because if you don't agree to it, the installation process won't continue, which means you failed to install the printer.

After clicking Yes, the IP2770 printer installation process will run. Wait a few seconds for the prompt to appear to connect the printer to the laptop / computer as shown below.

According to order, you must connect the printer cable to your computer so that the installation process goes well. Don't forget to turn on your computer and printer. Then within a few seconds, the computer will automatically respond to any new installed devices. and if a message appears as shown below, you have successfully installed the driver and connected the Canon printer with your computer / laptop.

Just click Complete, then you can use the Canon IP2770 printer. You can try printing a file or something else right away to make sure the printer is running properly. Good luck!