Guide on How to Delete a Telegram Account

Deleting a Telegram Account is a step that needs to be done when someone wants to do some things like reformat your account or switch to another instant messaging service.

Just like when you want to manage IDs in services, that's also fortunately very easy to doby telegram users. You don't even need any specific requirements to do it.

It's just irresistible that you won't find the option to delete the account directly on the mobile telegram app so it requires the following steps when you want this.

Steps to Delete Telegram Account:

  • Visit the Telegram Deactivation Telegram Account via a browser (it is recommended to use a non-mobile browser)
  • Enter the phone number you use on telegram with international format then press Next button
  • Run the Telegram application and find the message from Telegram containing the confirmation code & nbsp;
  • Copy the confirmation code you received
  • Return to the telegram account deactivation page, then paste the confirmation code into the Confirmation Code column
  • Check Remember Me
  • Then click the buttonLogin
  • After entering your Delete Pages? Page, enter the reason why you want to delete data in why you left the column? if needed
  • Click Delete My Account

Make sure to select the appropriate option if the pop-up page confirms deletion of the account

The important thing is to remember, a confirmation code to delete your account will be sent via the telegram application itself, not an SMS like most other services.usually the code provided is quite complex, so you can also take advantage of the copy-paste feature.

Also, you must use an international format when entering data on phone numbers as described. For those of you who don't know, using the international format can be done by affixing the country code on the front.

Users with Indonesian telephone numbers can specifically do this by replacing zero (0) which is the front with the code +62 . for example, you can write +6281234567890 for the number 081234567890.

The deactivation feature is perfect for those of you who want to immediately delete your Telegram account. but apart from that, the service created by Pavel Gurov also has an automatic feature to delete user accounts that have been inactive for a long time.

Called the self-destruct account, you can adjust the auto-delete time duration which is basically set at 6 months by telegram.

Use the Self-Destruction Account feature

  • Run the telegram app on your phone
  • Tap the menu (hamburger icon on the top left)
  • Then go to settings
  • Find and select the privacy menu and security
  • Scroll down to find the deletion section of my account
  • Click the option if go for the option
  • Select the desired duration

There are four options that the user can choose from, in this case, ranging from one to twelve months. You can adjust it based on how fast you want to delete your account.

Self-destruction accounts aim to ease the burden on telegram storage by deleting inactive accounts. therefore if you open the service before the duration runs out, the timer in the feature will be calculated from the beginning.

Telegram support will certainly be very suitable for those of you who are still in doubt because they can come back to use it at any time (for the duration self-destruct account does not run out) without losing a lot of things like deleting your account.

Risks of Deleting a Telegram Account

When deciding to delete your telegram account, you must be ready to delete all the related to it. this includes all messages, contacts, and groups that you follow.

You should know, that deleting a telegram account is an irreversible step. if after that you decide to return to the service, you will be a completely new user to start with.

This means that all history, contacts, messages, and groups will not be restored so you will have to start over. Your new account will even be separated from your old chat history when you message someone else.

Telegram is indeed an interesting alternative short message service to use. however, deleting an account may need to be taken for various reasons that you have.

That is the Tutorial Guide on How to Delete a Telegram Account that You Can Try to Apply to, good luck, and hopefully, your Telegram account will be truly deleted permanently.