How to ByPass FRP Google Account Vivo Y12i

Vivo Y12 and Y12i are one of the Vivo Brand Android that I often handle with a pattern or PIN lock problems and also FRP Google Account, as shown in the photo below after a hard reset back to factory settings.

When you want to set up the use of a new device after a hard reset is done and Vivo Y12i is connected to the internet network, a Verification Account window will appear, where we have to log in using a Google Account that was previously synchronized.

But if you forget your email or email password, one of the ways you can do this is to do a ByPass and the easiest and fastest way is to use the UFI Android ToolBox.

Disassemble the Vivo Y12i Backdoor Case then connect the Vivo Y12i with the computer using the Qualcomm test point method. The Vivo Y12i Test Point is located near the battery connector socket, covered in foam. For more details, you can see the photo below:

After Vivo Y12i is connected to the computer in Qualcomm mode, Run the UFI Android ToolBox Application. Then Select Qualcomm Options, Brand VIVO, and Load the FireHose file as shown in the screenshot below:

Click Identity then select the Special Task option and select Bypass Clean FRP and wait for the bypass process to finish marked with the appearance of the Erasing FRP ... Done notification.

Unplug the USB Data Connector, replace the Battery Connector, and turn on the Vivo Y12i. Perform Device User Setup Settings then the Google Account Login window will display the Skip Option which indicates the bypass was successful.

In less than 5 minutes, VIVO Y12i which is locked FRP Google Account can be used again as it should...

This is the Tutorial Guide on Easy Ways to Bypass FRP Google Account VIVO Y12i in less than 5 minutes. Good luck and good luck.