How to check the authenticity of the original iPhone or HDC

Buying real goods has to spend more, but not all have enough budget to make it happen, Sometimes to overcome this, people tend to buy cheaply even though it's fake.

The use of smartphones is no exception, and most often fakedis an iPhone, there are some people who use fake iPhones on purpose or not.but how do you tell the difference between a real iPhone and a fake?

Having a sophisticated smartphone is everyone's desire, besides supporting communication activities, it turns out that smartphones sometimes become prestige to show your existence in other words that can be used for shows ...hehehe ..

The increasing trend is that many people use a variety of ways to comply with what will make them happy even on a limited budget. a lot of people are using fake or artificial smartphones to look like sophisticated smartphones.

The iPhone is one of the most imitated smartphones out there, lots of people are using fake or replica iPhones out there.

Even I have a friend who recently boughtiPhone at a very low price, of course I was a little surprised, because the price of the iPhone is still above the price of Android in the market today. however, this fake iPhone is very much like the original version.if you just take a quick look it is certain that this fake iPhone is no different from the real iPhone.

Actually if we look at things from another perspective, when a lot of people want to imitate something then it can ensure something has more value that it doesn't have. by whichother. so is the iPhone. A lot of iPhone Mimics also means that there are many advantages of this Apple smartphone, what are the advantages of iPhone?

Before discussing the advantages of iPhone it would be better if we know the history of the appearance of the iPhone from the first to the present day. As we all know that many iPhones appeared on the market until this year

Starting from the first time the iPhone was born in 2007 during the MacWorld Conference Expo organized by the Apple Company. at the event Steve Jobs as the owner of the Apple Company introduces the original iPhone for the first time. The first iPhone was born with a 2G feature which at that time was largely an edge-limited network. a new connection to the mobile world.

Then shortly after the iPhone 2G appeared the next generation, the iPhone 3G which had iOS 2.0 and started running the App Store. Furthermore, the iPhone 3GS has become an addition which means that this output has a "speed" or speed twice as fast as the previous output.

Then another iPhone 4 was born which had many additional features compared to the previous iPhone. features like retina display hence the display has a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels with a width of 3.5 inches. iPhone 4 uses the iOS 4 operating system which is equipped with a video chat feature.

As before the iPhone is always added to every score, the iPhone 4S was launched on October 4, 2011 and the day after Steve Jobs died. in the iPhone 4S series has introduced iCloud and Imessage.The next iPhone is the iPhone 5 coming in 2012 with a design that is thinner than its predecessor with a 4 inch screen and a pixel density of 326 ppi.

The seventh generation iPhone is the iPhone 5S which has a 64-bit processor and this is the next generation of processors that advanced in the iPhone series andusing the excellent iOS 7 operating system.

A year after the launch of these two series, Apple released its newest version, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus which have two rear cameras with 12 + 12 MP resolution.

Furthermore, in 2017 the iPhone released the latest version ,namely the generation of iPhone X which coincided with the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.of course these three versions have super powerful capabilities with a super fast power factor, the processor used is the A11 bionic which will make performance faster than its predecessor.

Finally on September 22, 2018, Apple released more versions such as the XR , XS, XS MAX. Of course, these three series have good features, such as the use of the new A12 bionic processor and the use of super AMOLED screens in the XS and XS Max series.

With the number of iPhone versions available, it can be ascertained that the iPhone has credibility in issuing a product .

The iPhone hasprices that can be said to be expensive, for the latest series, this is still a 9 digit number to buy the latest iPhone series.

Actually, what are the advantages of the iPhone compared to android ?

Sell at a stable price.

Wow, it has also become a principle for most people that if you buy an item you have to think about what if it is resold whether it experiences drastically .

Apple products are of comparable qualityother, and the quality of the iPhone has also remained stable for quite a long time.So the price of smartphones has stability in the market.

If you have a hobby that is rocking, you don't have to worry if the selling price of the iPhone will fall. Because the iPhone has a stable selling price. The decrease is also insignificant because of Andoid. so you don't have any disadvantages when using an iPhone.

With a stable resale price, of course the iPhone is very demanding for users who change their smartphone frequently. This is a plus for the iPhone as most Android smartphones experience a price increase when they are resold.

Update OS regularly

If you bought an iPhone but after buy again the latest version then you don't have to worry about the operating systemleft behind.because iPhone has committed, all iPhone users can update their iOS to the latest operating system.

The operating system will usually be updated frequently so if you can update the latest version of iPhone then there is no need to buy a new one to experience the operating system.

iPhone is more durable

The problem of strength is that the iPhone is designed to withstand all kinds of stresses and problems. iPhone has a solid physique when compared to Android. So those of you who buy an iPhone rarely have problems with their physical form. iPhone is an exclusive product that is neatly designed to be collision-resistant.

The iPhone can be counted on for its power, there are even YouTube videos showing whether the iPhone has been placed in extremely hot, very cold conditions, and has been hit by a harsh impact but stillit can be operated as usual.

Strong material is an advantage of the iPhone that is not owned by the Android series so that many people choose the iPhone so that its use can last a long time.

Has security when lost

If you've lost your iPhone then there's no needworry, because with Apple ID you can detect where your iPhone is and can track to find it just by logging in on the webside you can monitor where your iPhone is.

In that case you need to register your iPhone ID first then enter. so if you lose your iPhone you can still control the lost iPhone from the website so the find rate is greater.

Better iPhone performance

iPhone performance is very better compared to Android. to the specifications of the iPhone has a faster performance than Android.with RAM that the iPhone hasn't experienced evasion in its operation.

So if you want to have a smartphone that works fast and slow then the iPhone is the best choice for you.

Safer from malware .

Applications provided by the App Store have been selected withwell and can't any app can enter the App Store.So we can be sure that the iPhone is safer than viruses and malware attacks because the applications were well sorted before we downloaded them on the smartphone.

This is different from Android which has applications that are not filtered so that the phone will be vulnerable to viruses or malwarewhich can harm your phone.

But unfortunately with the advantages - the advantages of the iPhone you also have to take out a deeper pocket to have the iPhone you want. at a price that can be said to be high, many individuals imitate the iPhone to make it look like the real thing.

These fake iPhones are usually on the market to outwit iPhone seekers, items usually have something in common at first glance.

For that youneed to know how to distinguish real and fake iPhone:

1. The real iPhone has premium material

Even though the real iPhone and fake at first glance have almost the same thing but you can still tell the difference through their physical appearance. first thing is touching and rubbing it.

The original iPhone has a premium material so it feels great when held. IPhone replicas usually use a plastic material so that it is easy to tell the difference between a real iPhone and a fake when you touch it.

2. using the AppStore

Applications owned by the iPhone can only be downloaded on the App Store, so the iPhone does not use Google Play to accuse the app. The iPhone has an App Store that provides special applications to download on the iPhone. The applications owned by the iPhone have been sorted by the App Store so that the applications owned by the iPhone are very limited when compared to the Google Play application.

So, if you find an iPhone that uses Google Play to download applications, of course you can be sure if it is fake. year iPhone warranty

Apple provides a one year warranty on iPhones. This guarantee is given when you buy a new one. The warranty can be used for a full year as long as the error when buying the iPhone

Unlike if a fake iPhone will not be provided with a warranty during that time, the longest warranty may be one month. With warranty you can claim when the iPhone has a physical defect condition when purchased or damaged.

4. Check the iPhone IMEI

By checking the IMEI you can find out a real or fake iPhone. IMEI number is the serial number that belongs to the iPhone which serves to identify the authenticity of the iPhone you have. By knowing the IMEI number you will also find out information about the iPhone.

IMEI itself stands for international cellular equipment identity. apart from checking the authenticity by checking the IMEI you can also find out the operating system, model, hardware, manufacturer, and information about the iPhone.

By using the IMEI number, you can find out complete information about your iPhone and also the specifications you have also know thatOriginal iPhone and not, or refurbished and also wrong results.

In addition, the IMEI number on the iPhone can also show the SIM card so that it can be used to communicate.

The IMEI number itself can checked in several ways. Here are some ways to check iPhone IMEI that you can try yourself

If you are holding an iPhone then on the back of the body there will be some posts and numbers listed. this paper usually covers the series as well as the production site and the IMEI number.

How to Check the Dengen IMEI Code Looking from the rear view is the easiest way. The IMEI code can be seen on the back of the iPhone at the bottom. with this IMEI number, you can also immediately find out whether the iPhone is genuine. But unfortunately not all iPhone series include the IMEI number on the back of the body.

5. Check the SIM card slot

The second IMEI method is to pay attention to the SIMCARD card slot on the device from the iPhone. how to check official iPhone IMEI is very easy to do. The SIMCard slot is usually on the side of the iPhone.

When inserting a SIM card, please pay attention if there is a number on the SIMCard tray. There are numbers and it is the IMEI number of the iPhone.

6. via Special Code

Apart from hardware, what can be done next to get the IMEI number by pressing the dial * # 06 # then press call. Next, an IMEI code will appear consisting of 15 digits. actually this code can also be used by other brands such as Samsung, VIO and other Android.

7. Check from the iPhone box

When you buy an iPhone, please check the back of the iPhone box and there will be the IMEI number of the iPhone you have purchased. This number is printed on the iPhone box when you buy it.

For those of you who are still confused about checking the IMEI number, please look for the iPhone box when you first buy it. No, your box is not listed. Could be dangerous.

8. use iTunes.

Another way to check the IMEI is through iTunes.It turns out that iTunes has other functions, besides the iTunes application function to listen to music on the iPhone, it turns out that it can check the IMEI number that matches your cellphone.

This procedure can be done by connecting the iPhone to a computer that previously installed iTunes. then select the library on the iTunes menu. Now there is your iPhone's iMEI number.

9. Check on the iPhone system

Another easy way to check the IMEI is to check the phone settings. first please enter the Settings menu then click the general option after that there are many more sub menus. Then immediately look for the submenu about and there is the IMEI number of the iPhone. Besides that, there are also specifications for your iPhone.

Then what is done when checking the IMEI number ?

Beforehand, make sure the number listed on the back body, SIM card slot, iPhone case, in the settings as well as in the system has the same number. because if it is different, it is necessary to suspect the authenticity of your iPhone.

Then if the numbers are the same then you can enter the IMEI number on Apple's official website. How to Check iPhone IMEI on Apple Web is very easy and you can put it into practice right away.

First, what you have to prepare is the iPhone IMEI number that has been checked before going through the above method if you have a copy of the IMEI number.

Then then open your browserand then type or click here in the available search field then enter the IMEI code that was prepared previously in the previously available column

Then fill in the security fields provided by Apple then hit the Continue button belowfields.

If the information appears above, you can be sure that your iPhone is the information there are 3 things that are displayed, namely a valid date of purchase which means the product has been activated by Apple's servers with a previous login.

Second, is telephone technical support which means that if you have not activated the user will get service from Apple inform of service by telephone.the problem can be reported during the first 90 days which you can ask about by contacting Apple Support.

Third, is repair and service coverage. This section contains the warranty period for the Apple product, which is 1 year. when the warranty period can also be seen when the warranty period will expire or an estimated expiration date.

If you enter your number and all three things appear then you can be sure if your iPhone is genuine and official. if you can't display it, you are sure that your iPhone is a fake or a replica.

For those of you who want to buy an iPhone, I recommend making sure to buy an iPhone at an official Apple store so that it doesn't disappoint. because if you don't know how to tell the difference, you can be fooled by almost the same physique.

How to Check for real and fake iPhones does require accuracy because this is also to get the real item and also officially for that you have to be careful- watch out if you buy an iPhone.