How to Overcome iPhone Connect to iTunes

Are You One of the iPhone Users? maybe you have experienced a problem when your device is disabled, a prompt screen appears to connect to iTunes. Screen is one of the commands to restore.

Ordinary people, of course, would be confused by the condition of this iPhone. Because, when the screen is like this, the iPhone cannot be operated. Then what is the solution to this recoverable order screen ?

Solution iphone is disabled Connect to iTunes

When problems arise to restore as being connected to iTunes on iPhone, there are a few things you can do to get iPhone back normal, including:

Restart the iPhone.

Restores the deviceYou can be one of the solutions to solve the problem of restoring iPhone.To restart the device, there are some differences between iPhone One models and other iPhone models.

iPhone 8 or later model

Press and release the button Volume Up quickly, followed by pressing and removing the Volume Down button too fast. then keep pressing the side button until the Apple logo appears. Then the iPhone will restart the system.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus models

In this model, you can restart the device by pressing the side button and volume down simultaneously. Press and hold two buttons until the Apple logo appears.

Model iPhone 6S or earlier

You can temporarily press the side button and home button until the Apple logo appears. thank you, your device will restart.

Reinstall iOS.

Another solution to solve the recovery screen display problem, such as connecting iTunes is to reinstall the software on your iPhone. You can use this method if you restart your device has not made changes.

After restarting it turns out that the order recovery screen is still there, then you have to reinstall iOS, namely by:

Install iTunes

Before starting to reinstall iOS, you mustfirst install iTunes on your Windows or Mac PC.besides, iTunes installed must also be the latest version.because, if not, then the device recovery process may not run smoothly.

Connect iPhone to PC

After iTunes is installed correctly and correctly, connect the device iPhone to computer using a connecting cable. after successful connection, the computer screen will appear "problem with a problem with your device that needs to be updated or restored".

Run the update process

After the message, then click Update, so that iOS will be reinstalled. what you need to pay attention to, don't click Restore, because, you tried to restore the first way but it still didn't work.

More help from Apple support

If some of the recovery methods above still don't work. iPhone screen still shows connect iTunes or similar, you should get more help from the Apple Help Center.

Because, you may encounter problems or errors while restoring or updating. it could be that the buttons on your iPhone are also damaged, so you cannot force restart your device.

All of this can be resolved by contacting Apple support or help. that way, you will get a solution to your problem, until finally your iPhone can be used properly and normally again.