How to Use Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print | This internet giant always releases superior features to facilitate internet users around the world. And this time if a computer friend wants to know how to print documents over the Internet, Google Cloud Print is the solution. We can mention google Cloud Print as a facility for remote printers remotely.


Google Cloud Print can be used for your PC as well as your Android device. Also, if we enable the share feature, we can share our printer risource to other users. On this occasion we will review how to use Google Cloud Print. ok from lustrum, let's explore together.

1.conditions that must be met to use Google Cloud Print

To be able to use this Google cloud service, you must prepare several things, the preparations that must exist include the following:

  1. Internet networks
  2. PrinterConnect to computer
  3. Google Chrome Browser
  4. Google Cloud Print application which can be downloaded on Google Play.

2 . how to set up a printer on Google Cloud Print

Because the printer used is a classic printer that doesn't have the "Google Cloud Ready Printer" feature, then you have to connect this peripheral to your computer using a USB cable, WiFi or Bluetooth. then register with the following steps:

Registering the printer on Google Cloud Print.

The first step for registering Google Cloud Print is to run the Google Chrome application , then click the menu icon => Settings => Advance Settings. as shown below.

After that you can proceed by clicking Manage in the Google Cloud Manager section.

After that Click the Add Printer button on the Classic Printers option

Then you will be directed to the printer to register the page, on this page there are several types of printer documents, and friends make sure that the printer that you registered has been included in the list. Then continue by clicking Add Printer.

If successful you will get a message like the one shown below.

Google Print Cloud Settings on Android phone

If you have an Android device with an Android version of kitkat, the Google Cloud Print feature for Android is available, you can activate it by taking these steps steps as follows. click the Settings menu (in the System section) = > Printing => Cloud Print (Google Cloud Print).

How to Print Using Google Cloud Print on Android Phones

To be able to use Google Cloud Print on Android devices, it is very easy depending on the application we use, whether there are print facilities or not. if the application you are using has a print feature, then you can go directly to the application's print menu.

If your Android device does not have a print feature, you can use the Share or Export feature to convert files or documents to other formats, then print them using applications that have print features.

Share the printer with other users

If you want to share it with other calls, Google Cloud Print has a sharing feature so friends can be used. As for the way the printer uses Google Cloud Print is as follows:

You can enter the Settings menu in Google Chrome like the registration steps above, then click the printer name then share.

Then you will find a pop-up window, where you can enter the email address of your friend - the friend who will use the printer you are sharing with. right view there is a feature "can print" if your friends only want prin, "can manage" if your friends are given more access to manage the printers you share. Then click the Share button.

After that friends will receive an email from Google containing a cloud cloud service notification, ask a friend to open the email and click the Add Printer button => Accept. You can immediately use Google Cloud Print service and if your friend wants to disable printer share service, you can click Deny.

That's an overview of how to use Google Cloud Print to print over the Internet, I hope the above review can be useful for all computers.