How to Write High-Selling CopyWriting

Copywriting is a product promotion writing technique by conveying information in accordance with the product being promoted which is the consumer's need for the purpose of attracting attention and response from the copywriting target. copywriting to make it more attractive can be combined and collaborated with images or videos to make it look more attractive.

The following is an explanation of the benefits, anatomy, tips, and tricks of writing good copywriting and has a high selling value that I got from the training program at

1. the benefits of copywriting.

When you have a business, there will be many competitors that will emerge. Any business that can be done to differentiate your product or service that you are selling from your competitive product then you can write copywriting for your product. Copywriting can help increase your turnover or income because it has the following benefits:

  1. Provides information according to customer needs
  2. Attracts consumers' attention
  3. Engage prospective buyers to deliver a solid message relevant
  4. Provides how the product or service being sold can solve the problem of potential customers
  5. Directing consumers to take the next step (purchase)

2. Copywriting anatomy

1. Headlines

Headlines can be said to be an important factor in copywriting because they really determine whether or not a potential customer is interested in your ad.

2. content

  • Reason: Give a reason why the prospect should buy the product or service you offer
  • Promotion: provide offers that can attract potential customers, for example, you can give a discount.
  • Bonus: Give a bonus for the purchase of a product or service that is offered so that potential customers are increasingly interested.
  • Exclusive offers: For some people getting an exclusive offer is very important.
  • Guarantee: Provide guarantees to convince potential customers to make it easier for making decisions.


Call to action: The message you want to get across should be conveyed well to the prospect. give orders for the prospect to make the decision to take the next step.

Scarcity/limitations: When you offer a product or service, give a deadline or supply or promo so that the prospect quickly makes a decision.

30 Emotional Words

The use of the right words plays an important role in writing copy here are 30 words you can use in writing copy to evoke the emotion of prospective buyers:

1. You

In the process of writing a copy, you should imagine talking to other people and never writing with yourself.

2. because

Give the customer a reason to immediately buy the product or service being offered. Also, pay attention to target customers to determine the right reasons for offering the product.

3. Free

Everyone is interested in free offers. therefore, in selling products you have to prepare something that can be sacrificed to give away for free to lure potential customers to buy our products.

4. value

Make it look like the customer gets something after buying the product or service offered.

5. Guarantee

By providing guarantees to prospective customers will make them feel safe from the possible risks that will be faced. The guarantee becomes the bond between the seller and the buyer.

6. Excellent

Everyone tends to be more interested when offering a great product, the same way using the word "free", using the word "amazing" can make buyers more interested.

7. easy

By making easy steps in using the product or service will make potential customers more curious and interested in buying the product or service offered.

8. discover

Creating new things to make customers curious and want to try them.

9. Now

The use of the word "now" will motivate the customer to make a decision at that time.

10. complete

Informing the customer that the product or service purchased, including other important needs, will make the potential customer more interested.

11. Not Again

Show customers about negative profits. How could there be a negative advantage? using the sentence "You don't have to worry about" "You will no longer pay ..." Including the use of the negative profit sentence.

12. Newest

Tell potential customers that the product or service being offered is the newest product in its field.

13. economical

Everyone is always trying to reduce their expenses, or in other words as much as possible. To emphasize to prospective customers that by buying the product or service they offer they will save money.

14. proven

Show research or testimony from previous customers that have proven that the product or service has proven quality.

15. Safe and Effective

The use of these words is useful for minimizing negative perceptions of risk and loss.

16. appropriate

Tell the prospect that the product or service being offered is really a good fit for them.

17. Real-proven

Almost the same as "proven" usage, the prospect needs something tangible as a driver to decide to buy the product or service being offered.

18. Confidential

Deliver the secrets of the product or service why it could be a solution for potential customers. Because everyone is very interested in being told secrets.

19. Solution

Show that the product or service being offered is really a solution to the problem the customer has.

20. instant

Show speed access or service alerts from the team because most customers generally really like something that looks instant.

21. How

Show potential customers how the product or service offered can solve the problem.

22. branded

Show that potential customers who use the product or service they offer will receive high style ratings.

23. Execution

Show that the product or service is special when compared to other competitors' products.

24. Carefully 

analyzes the prospective customer problem and provides reasons why this might occur. This will make us look "smart" and the prospect will automatically trust us more.

25. more

Make sure the prospect knows the benefits of the product or service offered.

26. Value Added

Give potential customers an opportunity to be offered, it can be a price quote, a feature, or a warranty. Indonesian culture is very fond of bargaining and wants to get more. So give it to them.

27. There is no obligation

This is to ensure prospective customers that after using the products/services offered, they do not have any more burdens or responsibilities.

28. 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Everyone wants convenience in transactions. one of which is a money-back guarantee in the event of something unwanted with the purchased item. However, this warranty is only given when you believe that the product or service being offered meets the requirements.

29. Big discounts

Create big discounts and high deals so potential customers can no longer avoid not buying.

30. Wealth

Everyone wants to be rich. so show that the product or service offered can support the desires of prospective customers.

10 Headlines Tested for Benefits

1. Benefits of Headlines

This headline prioritizes the profit side both economically and psychologically for readers and can be used in offline and online media.

2. offers a fast and easy way

Headlines like this offer concrete solutions that are the value of selling a product. therefore it is suitable for health products, personal development, services, or any other product that offers convenience and speed in completing prospective buyers. To further reinforce this main attraction, you can use numbers.

3. Selective headlines

This type of headline is well used for a specific target market or audience.

4. Headline curiosity

This main type is used to make other people curious about your offer.

5. gimmick Headlines.

This main type tends to use puns and sentences in the form of repetition of sounds, surprises, or tricks.


This main type can be used to scare the reader so that they really get scared and end up accepting your peer. tear lines are afraid to get a life, safety, and health for their readers.

7. Questions

This main type uses questions to the reader so that they only answer. This title serves to build awareness, brand, and closeness with readers. In writing, you must use open-ended questions so that readers answer yes or no, yes or no, can or cannot.

8. Quote title

When creating this headline you include words from other people, such as someone's words, customer testimonials, book excerpts, passages in the scriptures, endorsement numbers, etc. </ p >

9. headline Command

This main type uses a command sentence or invites people to do something.

10. Claims Headline.

In writing this headline claims you are claiming, claiming, or claiming something unilaterally.

Tips and tricks for writing good copywriting sell

Before writing copy, you have to know 5 important things following:

  • Find out who is the target market
  • Learn what their fluctuation is
  • Find out what makes them take action
  • Know what topics they are interested in
  • Find out how your product is helping

The following are tips and tricks for writing copy:

  • 1 paragraph one message
  • Write in Points
  • Use emphasis wisely
  • Use the same language as your audience
  • Write like you talking to that person.
  • If there is a discount, write down the number
  • Be specific about the product being offered
  • Use a repetitive message
  • Use their shoes, that means positioning yourself as a buyer. write copy from the prospect's perspective.

7 Copywriting Techniques

  1. Copy Stories: Make copywriting as if you are telling a story, but in stories slip offers.
  2. CopyHyperbolic: This hyperbolic copy technique uses exaggerated sentences.
  3. Teaser Copy: Teaser Copy is copywriting that challenges or tempts potential customers.
  4. News Page Copy: A News Page Copy that looks something like newspapers and including announcements about your product.
  5. Competitive Copy: Competitive copy provides competitive results or comparisons with products offered by competitors.
  6. Factual copy: In this type of copywriting remembers actual facts about the product being offered.
  7. Humorous Copy: Typecopywriting that contains humor in it.

That is a brief description of the benefits, anatomy, tips, and tricks of writing good copywriting and has a high selling value. hopefully can add to your insight into the world of Marketing. & nbsp;