Guide How to Reset Canon E560 Printer

Manual on How to Reset Canon E560 error message machine ink spill 5B00 blinks 7 times (power light and Stoplight) cannot be used to print documents.

Pixma Canon E560 color inkjet printer after a long period of use, up to a certain number of prints, will experience an error of 5B00, this is a memory overflow that often occurs on every Canon color inkjet printer. To solve this problem you can reset the printer independently at home without having to take it to a printer service.

First of all, you need to Download Software Resetter Printer Canon Pixma E560

To reset the Canon Pixma E560 Printer you must position the Canon Pixma E560 Printer in save mode. How to enter the Canon E560 Printer Save Mode mode as follows:

    1. Turn it off but don't unplug
    2. Hold down the STOP button and hold down the power button
    3. Keep holding the power button and release the STOP button
    4. Press the STOP button 5 times then release the power button.
    5. You will see 2 lights are no longer blinking, meaning that the Canon E560 Printer is already in save mode.

    Use Software Service tool V5302 to reset Canon E560

    How to Reset Canon E560 Printer

    When the Canon E560 Printer is in the Save Mode position (the power light must be silent not blinking), Run the Canon Service Tool ST V5302 Software and you will see a text that displays the printer name and serial number. 

    Go to OptionsAbsorber "Clear Ink Counter" select "Main" to the right of Counter Value (%) 0 select and click "Set", after setting D mode it will return to = 0 Click "EEPROM Save" to check the results again, click EEPROM so that the printer can print a test print.

    That's the Tutorial Guide on How to Reset a Canon E560 Printer that has Error 5b00,5b01,5b02, 1700 that you can try to practice.