Guide How to Reset Printer Canon IX 6860

How to fix error 5B00 on a canon printer with Resetter ST4905 is a simple way that you can do yourself at home in just a few steps.

As you know, almost everyone who uses a color inkjet printer also experiences problems, namely the Epson and Canon series, after a certain period of time there is an error unable to print, especially for the Canon printer line then report the error on the computer. such as error 5B00, 5B01, 5B02, 5B03, 5B04, 1700 or the indicator flashes on the printer: 7 lights, 8 lights This phenomenon is called memory overflow, the remaining ink is overflowed (or out of stock), you need to set and reset to return the machine to mode normal.

No exception to the Canon IX6860 printer line, if the printer reaches more than 1 thousand 2 thousand prints, depending on the machine that uses brand ink or brand ink, also reset the Canon IX6860 printer. Very simple you can reset at home according to the instructions which I will share below.

How to Reset Canon IX6860 Printer with error 5B00

You can reset Canon IX6860 after you download the reset software according to the link below.

Within the scope of this article, I will guide you to reset Canon IX 6860 with Canon Service Tool V4905 software

All you need to do is follow the steps in the right order:

Step 1: Download software reset canon IX6860 full keygen

Step 2: To reset the IX6860 printer you need to set the printer to Service mode

    1. Turn off the power but don't unplug it.
    2. Hold the paper button and press and hold the power button.
    3. Continue to hold the power button and release the paper button.
    4. Press the paper button 5 times, then release the power button.
    5. You will see 2 lights are no longer blinking, at that time your computer is in Service Mode.

    Continue. You run the IX6860 reset software you just downloaded onto your computer and follow the instructions shown below

    on Absorber "Clear Ink Counter", select "Main" to the right of Counter Value (%) 0, select "Set", then set mode D to = 0 Click "EEPROM Save" to check the result. , and press EEPROM for the printer to issue the test.

    When you have completed the steps above, turn off your device and turn it on again to complete the process of resetting your Canon IX6860 printer.