How to ByPass Finger Gymnastics FRP Samsung J2 Prime

On this occasion, I will share experiences on how to bypass FRP Google Account Samsung J2 Prime with the manual method without a PC or better known as Finger Gymnastics. With the finger exercise method, you don't need to use a computer or laptop to deal with Samsung Android, especially those that are locked FRP Google Account.

the first step connects Samsung J2 Prime Press Home Button 3x successively to activate TalkBack Mode. There will be a notification that the Talkback Mode is Active and you hear the sound of device guidance.

Sweep the screen to form the letter L then select the Text-to-Speech Settings option with Tab 2 times

To make it easier to access, turn off TalkBack Mode by pressing the home button 3 times in a row. Then the Tab icon is back on top next to the Text-to-speech settings text

it will open the Samsung J2 Prime settings window

select Lock Screen and Security Option

Select the Device Administrators option

On the Device Administrators window, disable Android Device Manager

then return to the initial setup window and select Application Options, then search for and find Google Play Services

disable Google Play Services

Then back again to the initial settings Menu window, select the User Manual option

it will open a browser window, just visit the Online Tutorial Sharing Blog later select Menu Bypass FRP Tool. then Download the Application VNROM ByPass FRP Tool. Select the Bookmark option on the browser to be able to access the download history.

When finished, just download, just install the VNROM ByPass FRP Tool application, but after the install process is complete, don't just open it, close it, then go back to the Initial Settings window then select the Cloud And Accounts option, select the Accounts option

Select Add Account and select Google, then log in using your Google account as a medium to bypass.

After successfully logging in to the Account and an error notification will appear in the NVROM application, just ignore it, immediately restart the Samsung J2 Prime.

Do the setup settings for using the device, as usual, then the Google Account login window will display an Account Added notification which indicates the FRP bypass process was successful.

Finally, with the Samsung J2 Prime finger exercise method, which was previously locked from an FRP Google Account, it can be used as it should

Thus the Tutorial Guide on How to ByPass FRP Google Account Android Samsung J2 Prime manually using the finger exercise method that you can try to practice. If when installing and running the ByPass.Apk application it fails because the system is blocked or at the time of login, your Google Account is also blocked, you can try resetting or flashing the Android Samsung J2 Prime again so that later the system blocking will not happen again.