How to Overcome a Locked Oppo A15 Forgot Password

One of the problems that often occur and experienced by Android users to date is Forgot Pattern or Password. For example, an Oppo A15 Android user who has just hired my service to bypass / break into his Oppo A15 Password / Pattern because he forgot and didn't remember at all.

As a result, every time you try to open your mobile phone password, it is locked and the duration of the trial will appear in a few seconds.

One of the easiest ways to solve the Forgot Password or Pattern problem on Android Oppo A15 is to bypass it using the MRT Key Application and here are the steps to ByPass Pattern or PIN Oppo A15 with MRT Key:

After finishing ByPass, Turn on the Android Oppo A15. Oppo A15 will enter setup mode or device user settings after a Factory Reset is done.

Do the Setup Settings for Using the New Device After Reset as usual

Thus the Tutorial Guide on the Easy Way to Bypass Pattern or Oppo A15 is locked due to Forgot Password or Pattern using the MRT Key Application with a fairly fast processing process, less than 5 minutes done.