Tutorial How to Easy ByPass Pattern or PIN Oppo A15

to solve the problem of Android Oppo A15 that is locked with a pattern or PIN because you forgot how it is very easy to use the latest MRT Key Update application at this time without having to unload the case or direct ISP emmc.

Following are the steps to ByPass Pattern or Screen PIN Oppo A15

    1. Prepare the Latest MRT Key Update Application
    2. Run the MRT Key Application
    3. Select OPPO Options
    4. Select Model A15 and Port Auto on Mobile Option
    5. Select Format (unlock) in Operation Options
    6. Click Start
    7. Turn off the Oppo A15 and press simultaneously the Volume Up and Down Keys and Hold
    8. Connect the Oppo A15 with the computer using a USB Data cable
    9. Wait for the Oppo A15 device to be detected and read MRT Key
    10. When the MRT Key detects and reads the Oppo A15 Device it is marked with the appearance of a running text in the MRT Key Application Log, release the Pressing of the two buttons, and wait for the bypass process to complete
    11. ByPass is complete and successfully marked with notification All is done !!!
    if during the ByPass trial process using the MRT Key application an error occurs or the Oppo A15 device is not legible, make sure you have installed the MTK and LibUSB drivers then try to do it again.

    with the help of the MRT Key Application, the problem of Forgot Pattern or Screen PIN on Android Oppo A15 can be easily resolved in less than 5 minutes. For FRP Google Account problems, you can use the Emergency Call Option, type * # 813 # *.

    for more details, please refer to the following ScreenRecorder video:

    This is the Tutorial Guide for Easy Ways to Solve the Problem of Forgotten Pattern or Screen PIN on Android Oppo A15 using the MRT Key Application. Good luck and thank you for visiting.