CorelDraw Portable X6 Free Download

CorelDraw is a graphic design software application that is popularly used by computer and laptop users who are engaged in image editing in various forms of purposes such as making book covers, magazines, banners, home designs, electronic device designs, clothing designs, and still one function of CorelDraw. as one of the mainstay applications for vector and bitmap-based image editing.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6 is the latest update from the previous version of CorelDraw which is of course equipped with new features that will make it easier for designers to produce better and quality works so that they have a high selling value.

Here are the latest features of CorelDraw X6

      1. Supports all common photo formats.
      2. Ability to save lots of the Template and skim it (Import and Export Template).
      3. Ability to resize text written in real-time.
      4. Power Trace capability (convert photo to line or lines which will be edited in Corel).
      5. Object Manager feature (the ability to layer and display hypothetical lines for every page separately).
      6. Ability to figure with Adobe illustrator program files.
      7. Ability to figure with quite 100 video formats.
      8. Convert ordinary photos and pictures to vector format and vector.
      9. Ability to figure within the program environment with different layers of text and photos and mix them together.
      10. See the changes before applying them in several parts of the software.
      11. Mirror text and paragraphs vertically and horizontally or both.
      12. Ability to type Persian directly easily and full support for the Unicode standard.
      13. Optimal software synchronization with screen dimensions.
      Here I will share the CorelDraw X6 application in the Portable version, whereby using the Portable Application you do not need to install the CorelDraw program. Making it easier for those of you who don't really understand how to install additional applications on computers and laptops. 

      CorelDraw Portable X6 can be used directly without the Install Program process first and no registration required. You simply download it, then extract the file to where you want to save the CorelDraw Portable file, and then run the CorelDraw Portable X6 application for image editing according to what you need. 

      For those of you who want to try the Portable version of the CorelDraw X6 application Please download first via the following link: Free Download CorelDraw Portable X6 Create Download Link then just click Click Here To Download ignore the message "This direct link will be available for your IP next 24 hours"

      Although the CorelDraw Portable application is easier to use, I still recommend you to use the Installer version. Where the Installer version is more powerful, you can open the cdr file directly through exploring windows and the CorelDraw application will open by itself. 

      Different if you use the Portable version of the CorelDraw Application, you must run the CorelDraw Portable application first then you can open the previously saved master file.