Easy way ByPass FRP Xiaomi Redmi Note 9

long story short for the first time I got a Job Bypass FRP Google Account Redmi Note 9 where the Redmi Note 9 by the owner was intentionally HardReset but the owner did not know the risk of doing a hard reset which later required me to re-login the Google account using the last synced Google Account and apparently the owner doesn't remember the email and password at all.

after I tried to find information via searching google, it turned out that to overcome the Android Redmi Note 9 which was locked in a Google Account, to overcome it, I could use the finger exercise method or manually without the need to use it it a computer or laptop.

if the Redmi Note 9 is already in the Account login preparation window position and cannot enter back into the initial Device setting setup window then we have to reset it so that the Redmi Note 9 can be accessed in the initial device setup position.

in the Connect to a network window, please connect your Redmi Note 9 with a Wifi network or you can also use an internet connection via a SIM card.

select Add network Option

type youtube URL in SSID area

block YouTube URL text then select the URL icon next to the magnifying glass icon

Confirm OK when the Screen Ratio Issue window appears

Select Menu Settings

select Menu Options History & Privacy

select YouTube Terms of Service Options

select Browser and remove the Remember My Choice option

now the YouTube Terms of Service page is open, we can use it by changing the URL (Adress Bar) to access website pages that provide FRP Apk bypass application downloads

visit Online Tutorial Sharing Blog, just type tutorial sharing in google search

select the Blog menu access icon next to the Blog Title Sharing Tutorial Berbagi

select Menu Option Bypass FRP Tool

download Google Account Manager 8

a confirmation appears to allow to install of unknown source applications, click Settings

allow Install unknown apps

Click Install

After the Google Account Manager has been successfully installed, don't click Open, just press the back button to the FRP Bypass Tool download page.

Download the Easy FRP ByPass Application then Install

after the installation is complete, directly access Open

OK confirm

select Google Account Login Option

confirm OK

Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner

select Browser Login Option

OK confirm

login using your Google Account

after successfully logging in to our google account, we will be brought back to the Easy Bypass Tool application window, just restart the Redmi Note 9 and do the device setup settings.

the result will appear as an Account Added notification, which indicates the FRP bypass attempt of Google Account Redmi Note 9 was successful. Do the next setting until it's finished.

If the login and account sync setup process does not finish after waiting for tens of minutes or even almost an hour. Just execute the Redmi Note 9 with a hard reset using a key combination. Do a hard reset 2 times then automatically the synced google account will be deleted in its entirety and there is no need to re-bypass.