Easy way to ByPass Oppo A71 CPH1717 Pattern, PIN and FRP

If Android Oppo A71 or Android brands and other types of the latest output are currently reset to factory settings, then automatically in the device setup process after the reset there will be a command to login using a Google Account that has been previously synced or in other words, locked FRP Google Account.

for example, the Oppo A71 CPH1717 uses the following MTK (Mediatek) Chipset which I just handled. I Reset to factory settings because the owner forgot the Screen PIN.

As usual, my ultimate weapon to solve the problem of forgetting the Oppo and Vivo Android patterns is the MRT. So for the first treatment, I immediately used MRT, but after several trials by changing the MRT Key update version, it always failed to get stuck in Download Boot1 to mobile.

after I tried searching google, I finally got an alternative way to quickly bypass the Oppo A71 pattern using the SPFlash Tool, and here is the documentation
Download File Sakti ByPass Pola Oppo A71 CPH1717
the result is that the Oppo A71 is free from the PIN locked problem but for the next Oppo A71 as usual after a reset, it will be locked FRP Google Account is marked by the appearance of a command to connect the Oppo A71 to the internet.

To solve the Locked FRP Google Account problem on the Oppo A71 the method is very easy, return the Oppo A71 to the initial setup window then access Emergency Calls and use the Code *#813#*.

That's the Tutorial Guide on how to Easily ByPass Google Account Pattern, PIN, and FRP on Android Oppo A71 CPH1717 using the SPFlash Tool that you can try to practice.