Easy way to Rotate to Change PDF Page View

When we scan a document using the Scanner, we can be sure that the display of the document we are scanning will be displayed in the portrait document page view. Well... what if the document that we scan is actually a landscape page, while we want the scanned document to look the same as the original file in Landscape view?

Surely you are confused, how do you change it, whereas we know pdf files are one of the types of files that are not easy to edit both in text and images.

Did you know that there is an easy way to change the appearance of pages in a PDF file from Portrait to Landscape, with the help of the small pdf Rotate website? A web page that provides features with the ability to rotate PDF pages online quickly and easily to practice.

Okay...without much to say, let's practice. You just need to follow my explanation below:
Visit the Website Page Small PDF Rotate Page Online  dan select Menu Options CHOOSE FILES

then look for where you save the PDF file that you want to change the preview page view.

Wait until the PDF file upload process is complete, and all the pages of the PDF file that you uploaded will be displayed

Click on one of the pages of the PDF file that you want to change the preview appearance, for example from Portrait to Landscape. Use the rotate Option as I show in the screenshot below:

after you have finished changing the preview view of the PDF page, to apply it, click the APPLY CHANGES menu option Opsi

then wait for the conversion process for a while, after that a Download button from the PDF file that has been changed will appear according to what you wanted before.

that's an easy way to change the page preview view of a PDF file from Landscape to Portrait or vice versa from Portrait view to landscape view. It's easy, isn't it? good luck practicing this tutorial.