How To ByPass Mi Max 2 Oxygen Tested PIN Pattern

For the first time yesterday, I got a Job ByPass PIN Screen Android Xiaomi Mi Max 2. In the process of doing it, of course, I had difficulties, the first because it was the first time, so I don't know the right method and it really works.

The first time I tried to use MRT Key, several times the bypass failed. In the MRT Key application, it just stuck in Downloading Boot1 if I'm not mistaken and the command to do the Qualcomm EDL test again even though I've tried changing MRT versions.

Second I use the RBSoft Mobile Tool, which is usually quite Powerful to handle cases of Qualcomm's Android Chipset locked Pattern, PIN, or FRP. In the process, it went smoothly, although I had the wrong type of file emmc firehose because the Mi Max 2 itself consists of several variants.

Although the execution process went smoothly, it turned out that the result was zonk. Android Xiaomi Mi Max 2 even though Userdata Format has been done using RBSoft Mobile Tool remains PIN locked when turned on.

Thirdly, I switched to using UFI Android ToolBox, hopefully with a factory reset via the UFI Android Toolbox Application the Pattern or PIN problem on the Mi Max 2 can be resolved and it turns out that Alhamdulillah it is according to my expectations, finally the Mi Max 2 Screen PIN has been scorched on earth.

How to Bypass Mi Max 2 Screen Pattern or PIN Via UFI Box

1. prepare the firehose emmc file for Mi Max 2 Oxygen. For those of you who need file emmc Firehose Mi Max 2 Oksigen please download first.

2. Connect Mi Max 2 with the computer using the Test Point EDL (Remove Battery Connector) method. For the Test Point, please look at the photo below:

3. After Mi Max 2 is connected in EDL mode Qualcomm setting UFI Android Toolbox as shown in the screenshot below, do Identify Devices then select Special Task Option and Click Factory Reset.

After completion of execution, restart Mi Max 2 and wait for a long boot process. if it turns out that Mi Max Bootloop is stuck at the boot logo, turn off the Mi Max 2 then turn it on again by pressing the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously.

then a percentage count will appear which I myself do not know what percentage it is. When the percentage count appears, release the Power button and keep pressing and holding the Volume UP button. Then Mi Max 2 will restart and be able to return to normal life enter device setup mode.

That's the exact way to bypass the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Oxygen Android Pattern or PIN using the UFI Box, the solution failed to bypass using the RBSoft Mobile Tool and MRT Key that you can try to practice.

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