How to Pay STR Online with Billing Code

This post is a continuation of the Tutorial on How to Register for Proposals and or an extension of the STR for Health Workers. If in the previous post I have discussed how the sequence of steps for the registration process for the Proposed STR issuance and also how to apply for an STR extension, hereafter I will share experiences on how to pay for the cost of making and printing, and shipping an STR of Rp. 100.000,- (One Hundred Thousand Rupiah) using Billing code.

The new STR Payment Billing code will be given after the STR Application is declared valid and fulfills the conditions determined by the STR Issuing Party, namely KTKI Kemkes Indonesia. Notification of the approval of the STR application can be seen on the Check Status menu on the STR Online Ver.2 Application Account and can also be obtained via email message. An example is shown in the screenshot below:

STR Payment Method with Billing Code via Livin Mobile Banking Application by Mandiri Online

After you get the STR payment Billing code, open the Livin Mobile Banking Online Application. Select the Pay Menu then Continue New Payments and select State Revenue.

specify Payment Source Account, Service Provider (Select Institution), and Fill in the Optional Description, which can be filled or left blank.

in the Choose a Service Provider Option Select IDR Tax/Pnpb/Excise

in the Payment Name Confirmation Window, enter the Billing Code for the STR payment. Confirm

In the State Receipt Window, Fill in the Optional Description, it can be filled or left blank by pressing Next

a payment confirmation window will appear, which contains information about the payment bill in accordance with the STR payment Billing code, press Confirm

enter the PIN to confirm the payment of the STR bill, an information window will appear that the transaction has been successful.

You will also receive payment details (outgoing funds) via an email message from the Livin' by Mandiri system as shown in the following screenshot:

Refresh the Account Status page on the STR Online Application window, a notification will appear that the payment is paid off.

You will also receive an email message from the Indonesian Health Workers Council informing you that the payment has been successful as shown in the screenshot below:

That's the Guide to STR Payment Steps online using a Billing Code through the Livin by Mandiri Online Mobile Banking Application which can be a reference for those of you who need STR payment instructions using a Billing code independently without having to go to an ATM or Bank Office.