2 Easiest Ways to Find Lost Android Phones

How to find a lost Android cellphone with 2 steps just in case, have you ever experienced a very annoying incident such as the loss of your favorite gadget (smartphone)?

How to find a lost Android cellphone, you must have been looking for it. The existence of gadgets is like something that is mandatory now, but if your gadget is lost or dropped on the road, it turns out that you can still track its location. Check out the following article.

How to Find a Lost Android Phone

Some cases that I often encounter are lost due to being stolen, but there is also a friend of mine who was negligent and his gadget fell while driving a motorcycle. In order to keep your favorite gadget from being lost, stolen, or dropped and you can't find it again, the article I wrote this time reviews how to find a lost Android cellphone.

The Feeling of Losing a Favorite Gadget

The case of the loss of the gadget is not just the price when you buy it, but several documents in the form of photos, videos, notes, and several other files. Moreover, these gadgets are so important because they store various kinds of memories.

Ah, I can't imagine how you feel when you lose your beloved gadget. This review is not just a gadget that was lost because it was stolen, I will also discuss a gadget that was lost because you forgot to put it or fell while driving. Therefore, there is no harm in reading how to find a lost android cellphone in this encounter.

How to Find a Lost Android Phone Using the Android Device Manager Application

Maybe we already understand very well that Android gadgets (smartphones) are fully supported by Google. Therefore, you still have the opportunity to track the whereabouts of your lost gadget using this Google-owned service. Not only respecting Google, this method—according to a survey on the app—is accurate when compared to third-party apps. Well, in this service from Google what I mean is the use of the Android Device Manager application. Here are the steps to find your lost gadget.

The first step is to download this Android Device Manager app just in case.

  1. The main function of the Android Device Manager application is to control your gadget remotely if it is lost or stolen at any time. If you activate this service, then you still have hope to track, lock the gadget, to delete the data contained in your Android gadget.
  2. The next step is to open the application and don't forget to accept it.
  3. Next, please log in using your active Google account connected to the (lost) gadget.
  4. If you use 2 gadgets, please find the location of your lost gadget directly from your other gadget.
  5. Finally, please choose the command you want to give: force ring, lock it, or delete all data on the gadget.

How to find a lost Android phone by using a computer

How to find a lost android cellphone is not only through the Android Device Manager application which is used through other gadgets. I still have a way that you can use to find a lost gadget, which is to find the gadget using a computer. This method is still the same using the Android Device Manager, but the media to search for it is through the computer and not from your friend's gadget. Here's how.

  1. Please open the website google.com /android/ device manager via a browser. Next, log in using the Gmail account that you used on the lost gadget.
  2. When the Alert appears, click Accept. Then you have entered the Android Device Manager.
  3. Click the GPS icon in the right corner of the pop-up. If the GPS on your gadget is not active, it will be difficult to get the location. You can reset it by pressing the Erase button. In this way, your gadget will return to factory settings and will set GPS to turn on. Well, your gadget can still be found.

So I have explained about How to Find a Lost Android Hp, hopefully, it can help the problem you are facing. Thank you for visiting and don't forget to read other articles.