Easy way to Bypass Pattern, PIN and FRP VIVO S1 1907

For the first time, I got a PIN locked VIVO S1 1907 Job Bypass. At first, I thought Vivo Y12 after several times I tried to bypass using the MRT Key application failed I became doubtful, and it turned out that the Vivo I was working on was Vivo S1 with Vivo code 1907.

How to ByPass Vivo S1 1907 Pattern Or PIN with MRT Key

the following is a tutorial guide on how to easily bypass the Vivo S1 1907 pattern or PIN using MRT Key V. 5.43

  1. Run MRT Key Application V.5.39
  2. Select the Vivo Tab Menu Options then on the S1 model, for the port, let Auto and Select Format (unlock) Options then Click Start to start the process.
  3. Turn off Vivo S1 1907 without pressing any button connecting Vivo S1 1907 with a computer using USB data.
  4. Wait for the MRT Key application to detect and read the Vivo S1 1907 device and let the bypass process run by itself.
  5. An All is Done notification appears indicating Unlock Complete
For more details, watch the following video:

After that, turn on the Vivo S1 1907 and do the device setup settings as usual. If it turns out that Vivo S1 1907 is locked FRP Google Account, bypass FRP.

How to ByPass FRP Vivo S1 1907 with SPFlash Tool

The following is a Tutorial Guide on How to Easily Bypass FRP Google Account Vivo S1 1907 using the SPFlash Tool. 

  1. Download File Format Pola dan FRP Vivo S1 1907
  2. Unlock or Bypass Auth first using the MCT tool or using the Unlock Tool and don't forget to install the LibUSB driver
  3. Run SPFlashtool then Load Scatter
  4. Uncheck the Preloader, then select Format Menu Options
  5. Choose Flash Format Manual Option
  6. Enter the code BeginAdress and Format Length
  7. Click the Play Icon to Start the Process
  8. Connect the Vivo S1 1907 in the power-off state without pressing any buttons, if the SPFlash Tool is not detected, you can try it by pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons together before connecting to the computer.
  9. The splash Tool application will automatically detect and read the Vivo S1 1907 device and the Format process will run automatically
  10. A large checklist appears, meaning that the bypass process is Done

Finally, the Android Vivo S1 1907, PIN locked and the FRP Google account can be used again. However, the consequence of applying this method is that all data on the internal Android will be lost.