How to ByPass PIN Pattern and FRP VIVO V15 1819 MTK

For the first time, I got a PIN-locked Job ByPass VIVO V15 1819. So here's the story that the owner of the Android VIVO V15 forgot the PIN he had previously created, and when I directed him to answer the security question for the name of the school and his childhood friend regarding the PIN, the owner couldn't answer the question, and there was no other way but to be bypassed.

To solve the problem of forgetting a pattern or PIN on Android VIVO V15 1819 it's very easy to use the help of the MRT Key Application. However, as a consequence, all internal data will be lost where in the bypass process VIVO V15 1819 will be formatted.

How to ByPass VIVO V15 1819 with MRT Key

The following are the steps to bypass Pattern, PIN, and FRP VIVO V15 1819 using the MRT Key that you can try to practice:

  1. Run the MRT Key Application (PC/Laptop must be connected to Dongle and Internet)
  2. Select VIVO Option, select V15 model, leave Auto Port, and Select Operation Option Format (Unlock). To Bypass FRP select Erase FRP Option
  3. Click Start to start Execution
  4. Take VIVO V15, turn it off, press the Volume Up and Down buttons at the same time then plug in the USB connector that is connected to the computer
  5. The MRT Key application will detect and read the VIVO V15 device and the bypass process will run automatically.
  6. Wait for the bypass process if All is Done appears, it means the Bypass process is complete and successful

If you are still confused and unclear about the explanation above, please watch the following Screen Recorder video:

After the bypass process is complete, it is marked with a notification All is Done!!! on the MRT Key application, try turning on the VIVO V15 1819 and setting up the device usage setup after doing a Factory Reset.

Usually, in the Bypass pattern or PIN process, we will get a new problem bonus, namely FRP Google Account. For how to bypass Google Account FRP on VIVO V15 1819, the method is almost the same as the above pattern or PIN bypass, just change the Format (Unlock) option to Erase FRP.

With the 2 methods above, finally the PIN-locked Android VIVO V15 1819 and FRP Google Account can be used again as it should.

This is an easy tutorial guide on how to ByPass VIVO V15 1819 locked Pattern, PIN and FRP Google Account using the MRT Key Application. For those of you who need ByPass Pattern, PIN or FRP services, please contact me by leaving a comment.