How to ByPass Pattern and FRP VIVO Y81i PD1873CF VIVO 1812

As usual, here I will share a tutorial on how to bypass the pattern or PIN and FRP for Android phones. This time the Android Brand VIVO Y81i PD1873CF VIVO 1812 is Pattern locked and for sure later after execution, it will also be locked FRP Google Account.

The first Android Bypass Tool I tried to deal with Forgot Pattern on VIVO Y81i PD1873CF VIVO 1812 was Hydra Tool. Unfortunately after several attempts to no avail. ByPass process runs normally but the result is zonk, VIVO Y81i PD1873CF VIVO 1812 is still pattern locked.

Finally, I tried to use the old Android Bypass Tool that I usually use, namely Miracle Thunder Version 2.82 and Alhamdulillah the results are as expected, very satisfying.

Steps to Bypass Pattern Vivo Y81i PD1873CF VIVO 1812 with Miracle Thunder as follows:

  1. Run Miracle Thunder Application
  2. Select MTk Menu Options
  3. Select Format Options
  4. In Boot Select select 8th Boot, model select VIVO Y83
  5. Skip Safe Mode Checklist then Check Auto and Advanced (FRP)
  6. Click Start Button
  7. Connect Vivo Y81i in Power Off condition without pressing any button
  8. Wait for the Miracle Thunder application to detect and read the VIVO Y81i device
  9. The ByPass process runs automatically, wait until Done

After the format bypass process is complete, turn on the VIVO Y81i and do the settings as usual

If the VIVO Y81i PD1873CF VIVO 1812 turns out to be locked FRP Google Account, return to the initial settings menu and in the device security setup options, make a simple pattern but ignore it for face lock.  After that, connect the VIVO Y81i with the internet network then do the settings, as usual, enter the pattern that has been made when the pattern security verification window appears.

That's the Tutorial Guide How to Easily Bypass Google Account Pattern and FRP  VIVO Y81i PD1873CF VIVO 1812 using Miracle Thunder that you can try to practice.