Solution for Easy Ways to Overcome Forgotten Pattern VIVO Y12

Android Vivo Y12 is one of the Androids that is widely used by the people of Indonesia because the price is quite affordable. This time, I have an Android VIVO Y12 user who has a problem with forgetting patterns.

To solve the problem of forgetting patterns on Android VIVO Y12 based on my personal experience, the method is very easy, just with the help of the MRT Key application, the problem of Android Vivo Y12 pattern locked can be easily solved.

How to Bypass Vivo Y12 Pattern or PIN with MRT as follows:

  1. Run the MRT Key Application, here I am using the latest MRT Key Update V.5.5
  2. Select the Vivo menu tab, for models Select Y12 and Portlet the auto
  3. Select Operational Options Format (Unlock) 
  4. Click Start to start the execution process
  5. Connect Vivo Y12 in Power Off condition without pressing any button
  6. Wait for the MRT Key Application process to detect the Vivo Y12 Device and the unlock format process will run automatically.
  7. Done, turn on Vivo Y12 after the Operation completed notification!!!

To bypass the Vivo Y12 FRP, the method is also quite easy, the Vivo Y12 setup settings, but in the option to connect to the internet, don't connect, select the skip option. In Security options, select create a pattern, then create a simple pattern and select the following questions and answers regarding the creation of a device security lock.

When finished, at the add fingerprint step, just ignore it, and return to the Connect with Wi-Fi network window. Connect Vivo Y12 to the internet network then do the settings, as usual, this way the FRP Google Account Vivo Y12 problem can be easily solved.

That's the solution for the easy way to solve Android Vivo Y12 locked because you forgot the pattern or PIN, as well as the ByPass FRP Vivo Y12 method of finger exercises that you can try to practice.