Adsense Ad Placement Best Positioning Practices

Getting Adsense Income with fantastic nominal from Click Adsense Ads by visitors is something that is coveted by all Bloggers. Various techniques for installing and placing AdSense Ads may have you tried to practice.

However, sometimes the reality is that the results obtained are not in line with expectations. I also as a Blogger feel this way, where I have tried my best to manage and monetize my blog through AdSense by trying various good ad placement techniques.

Here I will share tips on placing the right and best Google Adsense ads that can bring in quite a decent income. Named according to my personal experience, the ad placement that I will share is the right position to get a lot of clicks from visitors, here is a screenshot of the proof:

Of all the ad units that I tried to install on my blog, there were 2 Ad Units that were successful in getting a lot of clicks and bringing in quite a decent income, namely, Display Ads 2 GS and Sticky Ads. Now let's check where the position of the 2 ad units is, pay attention to the screenshot below:

After I checked for the Ad that I labeled the name Display 2 GS the data-ad-slot was 5321111924. To check the position of the ad placement, then I checked through the Ad placement code in the HTML Template as shown in the screenshot below:

It turns out that I put the ad labeled Display 2 GS right above the article, below the blog post title. To ensure that the ad that I place above the article is an Adsense Ad with a Display 2 GS label, I try Inspect Element.

Based on the results of checking my AdSense earnings for a period of 3 months, it can be concluded that Ads that get the most clicks and provide income are Ads placed above Articles and Sticky Ads as shown in the screenshot below this:

As additional info, based on my personal experience for AdSense Ads I recommend not overdoing it. It is enough to place an ad in the amount of 2 - 5 units only. Because by installing a lot of ads it will actually have a negative impact on our own Blog, where the blog loading speed will decrease drastically, the price of ad clicks will be hundreds of silver, and the convenience of visitors, of course, with lots of ads, will be reduced.

Thus are Tips for Best Positioning Practices Proper placement of Adsense Ads has a great chance of getting a lot of clicks from visitors and increasing Adsense Blog income. If blogger friends have experience placing other Adsense Ads that are more appropriate and good, please share them through the comments column.