Acer Aspire E 11 Solution Locked Forgot BIOS Password

One of the problems that sometimes arise and is encountered by recipients of Windows Laptop Reinstall services is a Laptop or Notebook when turned on always go into BIOS mode and appear the Enter Current Password window in other words the BIOS is locked Password.

There are generally caused or done to protect BIOS Access from irresponsible or intentional parties just to disable Boot Secure Option so that the Laptop or Notebook can be freely reinstalled using the desired version of Windows.

In this, I will share how to overcome a Laptop or notebook that is protected by BIOS Password so that the BIOS can be accessed again as it should be

Thing first just type any number and press enter, repeat it again until the Enter Unlock Password window appears

After the Enter Unluck Pass Key option appears do not enter, but we need to get the password to unlock the code using the key displayed.

Visit the Website Master Password Generator for Laptop, then enter the key code displayed on the screen of the previous laptop or notebook, and then click Get Password.

Then will be displayed the Key Unlock Code Password BIOS, choose according to the brand of Laptop or Netbook that is being worked on.

After we enter the Unlock Password BIOS Code then the BIOS Laptop window or   Notebook that was previously locked can be accessed.

Found the Unlock code and paste it in the laptop case, for the purposes of bios access at a later date or if you want to permanently delete the bios password can access the security option then select the Supervisor password option and enter the unlock code, and press enter, after that there are 2 times the command to enter the new password code just empty just press enter again.