BPJS Health PSD Template Free Download

Currently, new membership registrants for BPJS Health participants are no longer served offline, but prospective participants must register online through the JKN KIS application and WhatsApp Pandawa. Unfortunately, registration through the JKN KIS application is no longer applicable, prospective BPJS Health participants must currently register via WhatsApp Pandawa.

For those of you who need BPJS registration services online, please click here: BPJS ONLINE REGISTRATION SERVICE

Here I will share the Healthy Indonesia Card Template or BPJS Kesehatan Participant card in PSD format for those of you who want to print BPJS Cards independently using the Adobe Photoshop APPLICATION.

At this time, online BPJS participant registrants do not get Participant Cardphysically and only get a digital BPJS Health membership card as shown in the screenshot below:

To be able to print the BPJS Health Card, what we need is a design or template for the BPJS Health Card that you can DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE BPJSPSD? and BPJS Health Participant card data which you can see on the JKN KIS Application. if you don't have a JKN KIS application account, please register first.

After you download, please open the BPJS Health PSD Template file using the Adobe Photoshop Application. change and adjust the data according to the data on the Participant Card in the JKN KIS Application.

After you have finished changing and adjusting the BPJS Health Card data according to the data from the JKN KIS Application, the next step is to crop the size Card becomes 5.5 mm x 8.6 mm and print using photo paper or PVC paper so that the results are similar to BPJS Health cards in general.