Easy way ByPass PATTERN PIN FRP VIVO Y91C Hydra Tool

In a previous post, I have discussed a tutorial on how to easily ByPass OPPO A57 CPH1701 FRP PIN PATTERN with Hydra Qualcomm Tool. for the next here I will share how to solve the Android VIVO Y91C locked Pattern or PIN and FRP Google Account.

As usual for now, my mainstay tool to solve the problem of Forgot Pattern, Forgot PIN and FRP Google Account is Hydra Tool. so here I will share a Tutorial Guide How to Easily and Quickly Bypass Pattern, PIN, and FRP Google Account Android VIVO Y91 using Hydra MediaTek Tool.

How to ByPass PATTERN, PIN, FRP VIVO Y91 Hydra Tool

The following are the steps to overcome the Android VIVO Y91C locked PATTERN or PIN due to Forgot Pattern or PIN using the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application:

  1. Turn off the Pattern or PIN locked VIVO Y91C
  2. Run the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application
  3. Brand Options Select VIVO, Model Y91C (PD1818HF)
  4. On the Service, Tab select Factory Reset/Format Userdata
  5. In the Options Method/Options select Erase UserData then click Execute
  6. PressVolume UP and Down buttons VIVO Y91C simultaneously then connect with a computer using a USB Data cable
  7. Wait since Hydra MediaTek Tool will detect and read VIVO Y91C device
  8. Let ByPass process run by itself< /li>
  9. A notification appears Action Result: OKwhich means Done
  10. Try turning on VIVO Y91C

If in the process of setting up the VIVO Y91C device, there is a Locked FRP Google Account problem. For how to bypass FRP Google Account VIVO Y91C is very easy, return to the initial position of device setup and then continue the setup process.

In the window, connect VIVO Y91C with Wifi internet, just skip it, don't connect it to the internet network. Then in the option Set Unlock Method Select Face, select Pattern and make a simple pattern then continue setting. when it comes to the face scan option, just ignore it and press the back button until it enters the Connect VIVO Y91C window with Wifi.

Connect VIVO Y91C with wifi then do the settings, as usual, use the pattern that was created previously to confirm bypassing the Google Account Login option.

That's the Tutorial Guide How to Easily and Quickly Bypass PATTERN, PIN, FRP VIVO Y91C PD1818HF using the Hydra MediaTek Tool that you can try to practice.