how to be a naturally attractive white beauty without make up

Naturally, many women want to have a perfect appearance every day. It is not surprising that many women want to have a beautiful, white and attractive face, especially naturally without make-up. this is because there is an assessment from the public that the perfect appearance is to have a beautiful face and white skin.

Even though in principle, the internal organs and the 5 senses of humans will grow old and not beautiful again so that the vitality is also getting older. so it seems difficult to always look beautiful and attractive.

For some women, the desire to be beautiful and white seems to have grown into an obsession. All ways are done so that the physical appearance becomes beautiful, white, and attractive. starting from treatments at beauty clinics, sports, taking anti-oxidant supplements, and even plastic surgery to have skin like teenagers in their teens.

Therefore, they are competing to get white and shiny skin in various ways. some buy skin whitening beauty products, some are willing to take deep pockets by coming to beauty clinics. There are even those who take excessive steps, namely by injecting bleach. all this is done so that the dreamy beautiful and white skin is obtained quickly.

How to be Beautiful and White and Attractive Naturally

Here are some tips on how to be naturally beautiful and attractive inside and out without make-up:

1. Jicama Mask

First, the way to be beautiful and natural white is to wear a yam mask. This is because yam contains vitamins B and C which are most important for whitening the skin and keeping the skin clean and shiny. Then, use the sari as a bath scrub mask

.2. Milk Scrub

In addition to yam masks, milk scrub is believed to be one of the ways to be beautiful and white, you know. As for making a milk scrub, mix one glass of fresh milk with 4 tablespoons of honey, then apply it on the body and let it sit for 30 minutes, then wash it off with clean water.

3. turmeric

So far we recognize turmeric as a kitchen ingredient, right? But it can't be wrong, you can get away with being beautiful with turmeric scrub, you know. This is because turmeric contains curcumin which can neutralize free radicals. Until turmeric can make your facial or body skin naturally white.

The way to be naturally beautiful and white with turmeric is to take milk and turmeric powder and mix it until it forms a paste. then apply all over the body and leave for 15 minutes, if it is washed off with warm water.

4. Ice Cube Facial

Another way to be beautiful and white is by using an ice cube facial. Some people recommend using ice cubes to massage the face. This ice cube facial is believed to make the skin tight and thin. massaging the face with ice cubes is indeed efficient for reducing pain, inflammation, and swelling on the surface of the skin this method is effective for dealing with swollen faces due to lack of sleep or fluid accumulation. In addition, the cold ice can also tighten the pores and give an instant tightening effect. But you shouldn't wear ice cubes on your face for too long. facial with ice cubes for more than 3 minutes can break the capillaries.

5. Pure Honey Mask

The way to be naturally beautiful and white can also be by using a pure honey mask. In addition to milk, pure honey can also brighten the face and disguise soft lines. how to Mix honey and mineral water with a difference of 1:2. Do not use tap water that contains chlorine.

Apply the mixture all over the face. Wait until the mask is 1/2 dry, then wash it off with lukewarm water. then pat dry your face with a towel.

6. Egg White

The sixth way to be beautiful and natural white with egg white. High protein can help skin turnover so that dead skin cells disappear immediately and are replaced with new skin cells which are definitely healthier. even though it is fishy, ??some Korean and Japanese women use egg whites as a natural way to whiten the skin. You can also add honey and lime so that the fishy smell can be disguised. Then leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off with warm water. do this treatment regularly after bathing to get optimal results.

How to be naturally beautiful inside and out without make-up

Every Muslim woman who Believers certainly wants themselves to be a pious woman. because this has been stated in a hadith of the Prophet which explains that the best jewelry in the world is a pious woman.

Therefore, how to be a pious and beautiful woman is as follows:

1. deepen Knowledge

The first way to be beautiful for a pious woman is to deepen knowledge because knowledge is the basis of faith. until faith is not accompanied by true knowledge, faith will certainly be fragile and easily swayed.

2. gathering with pious people

In addition to deepening knowledge, the step to being beautiful for pious women is that you can also hang out with some pious people. because some pious people will condition you so that you will follow a good routine.

3. improve Self-Quality for Benefit

Furthermore, the way to be beautiful for pious women is to improve self-quality so that they can achieve God's grace on earth and can provide the greatest benefit to the people who else.

How to be naturally beautiful and attractive without make-up

Who doesn't want to have a beautiful face and attractive appearance? I think every woman would want that, right?

Nach, because of that, here's how to be beautiful and attractive that is efficient and cost-effective.

1. Confidence

Actually, every woman on this earth is created beautiful and perfect. However, because they don't have high self-confidence, they also end up feeling insecure.

Even though actually one way to be beautiful and attractive is that you have to make yourself confident. because, by having a positive soul, your aura of beauty can radiate.

2. Take Care of the Body

How to be beautiful this one you can not take lightly, because being beautiful you are not obliged to do it with plastic surgery or white injections, because only by maintaining the body such as using moisturizer, haircut, and shampooing, it is an activity to love yourself.

3. Exercise Regularly

In addition to the above, the next step to be beautiful is to exercise. Yes, exercise is believed to maintain the health of the body and can change the signs of aging such as baldness, gray hair, and thin and thin skin. So if you want to be beautiful and attractive, from now on try a regular exercise ya gaes.

4. Consumption of Nutritious Foods

How to be beautiful can also be by eating nutritious foods, therefore healthy food will keep the body shining and healthy from within. In addition, add fruits and vegetables to your daily consumption yes, gaes.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

how to be a beautiful woman is to drink a lot of water. The problem is that water has the oxygen content needed by the skin. However, it does not mean drinking excessive water can be a step to get rid of wrinkles or soft lines.

I strive to drink 8-10 glasses of water in one day, but there is no need to force yourself to drink until liters.

3. Use Sunblock

As is known, being exposed to too much sunlight can damage the skin of the face or body. Therefore, the last way to be beautiful is to use solar curtains to protect the skin from the radiance of sunlight.

That's the step of being beautiful white and attractive naturally inside out without the makeup you can do at home. Hopefully useful!