How to ByPass PIN Pattern FRP VIVO Y65 Hydra Tool

In a previous post, I discussed a tutorial on how to easily and quickly solve the problem of forgetting a pattern or screen PIN on Android Xiaomi Redmi 4A with the post title How to ByPass Pattern PIN FRP Redmi 4A Rolex Hydra Tool

Furthermore, in this post, I will share tutorials on how to easily and quickly solve a locked Android VIVO Y65 Pattern or PIN due to Forgot Pattern or Forgot PIN as well as how to solve Android VIVO Y65 locked FRP Google Account using the Hydra ApplicationQualcomm Tools.

How to ByPass VIVO Y65 FRP PIN Pattern with Hydra Qualcomm Tool

Here are the steps to Bypass VIVO Y65 with Hydra Qualcomm Tool to solve the problem Android VIVO Y65 Pattern Locked or Screen PIN and FRP Google Account:

  1. Run the Hydra Qualcomm Tool Application
  2. Select VIVO Brand, Model Y65 (1719)
  3. Select VIVO Menu Tab, Select Factory Reset Option
  4. In the Flash Mode Menu, select Zero Wipe, Check Include FRP, and then click Execute
  5. VIVO Y65 is in Power condition of pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons together Then connecting it to the computer using a USB Data cable
  6. Wait for the Hydra Qualcomm Tool Process to detect and read the VIVO Y65 Device, the bypass process will run automatically
  7. Done
After the VIVO Y65 factory reset bypass process is complete using the Hydra Qualcomm Tool Application, turn on Vivo Y65 and wait for the boot process to complete until it enters the setup mode for using a new device after a factory reset returns to factory settings.
Additional Info: To Enter EDL Mode Qualcomm VIVO Y65 can also use the test point method. The VIVO Y65 test point is on the Right of the Battery Connector (2 vertical dots downwards).

That's an easy and fast way to solve an Android VIVO Y65 that is Pattern locked or PIN locked and or locked FRP Google Account using Hydra Qualcomm Tool App.