How to Install HP Ink Tank 315 Printer Without CD

Driver HP Ink Tank 315 is free software or software developed by HP to help you facilitate arranging various roles and features in the printer through your PC or netbook.

Pa these drivers, usually some features and roles in the printer can not be set up or work well, even in some cases devices such as netbooks or PCs can not know the printer really even though it has been connected. Therefore, it is better before the printer is used to make, install in advance the driver on the computer that you will use to set the printer so that all the roles and features in it you can control and walk optimally is certain.

HP itself actually provides CD drivers included in the purchase box, but usually because it is rarely used the CD is lost or even can also be damaged. If you feel the problem, you don't have to worry. Because you can still pair drivers without cDs. How's the trick? That is by using the driver.

installation file

By using this HP Ink Tank 315 driver installation file, you can pair driver files more easily. In fact, you can also install directly on a PC or netbook that is not given with a CD room.

HP Ink Tank 315 itself is a printer suitable for SMEs. Because it can be used to make, copy and scan. This printer can make 6000 pages of black or mono white up to 8000 pages of color or with a quality that is calculated quite well.

In addition to Installing HP Ink Tank 315 Printer Without CD and File Driver

From the quality of HP Ink Tank 315 in addition to being able to make, this printer can also scan and photocopy. This printer can make large quantities of documents

Having a resolution quality of 4800 x 1200 dpi, you can make 6000 pages for black white documents to make 8000 pages for color documents.

Printer HP Ink Tank guarantees the best quality for the prints. The text will look really clear and sharper. Or the time to create colors for photos allows the best results.

see. the HP Ink Tank 315 printer has received an Energy Star certificate. which means the power use of this printer can be called really frugal and supported by the Auto-off feature or sleep mode so that it can minimize the use of electricity.

When it is lined and in the process of making, the calculation of power usage uses some 10 watts of power to be optimal, then at standby status is 2.1 watts and in sleep mode, the power usage is only 0.88 watts.

Type Driver HP Ink Tank 315

HP prepares two types of drivers that can definitely be determined based on your interests, namely the Full version used to pair drivers and other printer participant programs and the Basic version that only pairs drivers.

Therefore if you only need drivers you can use the Basic version, while if you need other printer participant programs you can certainly use the Full version. Existing driver files fit various versions of Windows.

How to Install an HP Ink Tank 315 Printer Without a CD

To pair the HP Ink Tank 315 driver is the same trick as pairing Windows programs in general, but so that you are not vague here we describe the steps to pair drivers for the Basic.

Please first take the basic version of the HP Ink Tank 315 driver file, if the printer is connected to the computer unplug first, then read these steps.

  1. Klik once or 2x on a downloaded driver file, usually the file is in the download.
  2. Please wait for the extraction process to be completed
  3. What if there is already a window "Let's get started" click Continue.
  4. Checklist in the section "I have discussed and accept the installation agreements and settings" and then click Next. Next, you can wait for the installation process until it is completed.
  5. Checklist "Continue the installation without connecting now" click Skip.
  6. When there is a successful installation recognition window, click Finish.

Driver HP Ink Tank 315 has been successfully installed. The printer can be directly used to make or restart the PC first so that the driver can run optimally.

Link Download

(Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7) Full software and drivers 32 / 64 bits DOWNLOAD

(Windows Vista, XP) Printer driver 32 bits DOWNLOAD

That's the download step and Install hp Ink Tank 315 printer without CD. Hopefully, it can help deal with the problem of making documents on your printer.

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