How to Install Youtube Vanced, Watch Youtube Without Ads

S as a user of our Android phone may not be separated from the name youtube. Almost every time and wherever we are, we certainly take to open a youtube program. I don't know to check out the latest videos from our favorite YouTubers that we subscribe to or just look for guidance on what we want to try right now.

We know that youtube has grown really fast along with increasing internet and mobile phone users in the world. The audience experienced a lot of increase as well as in the number of content creators who still produce various types of content on youtube.

The number of video content increases, existing content is increasing, the number of YouTubers is increasing, the amount of time that people spend on youtube increases this can be concluded the number of existing ads also increases.

Iklan youtube that used to be probably only a lot at the beginning of the current video you can feel a lot of ads in the video that may be disturbing some youtube users.

S actually from the youtube side has given a way out by providing a premium youtube subscription where we pay a monthly fee so that we can enjoy youtube without advertising. But what is the power of the wallet does not support for now subscription to youtube premium.

Th this time I will give an alternative Another way to enjoy some videos that are on youtube without ads and without the need to subscribe to premium youtube, namely by using the 3rd party program whose name is youtube advanced.

Youtube advanced you can use for android phone users yes, with this program approximately you can enjoy similar features such as premium youtube for example: viewing videos without ads, can see video modes with dead screen conditions, and others.

Make you android users who are very happy with the world of stripping and mod programs because it is no stranger to this advanced youtube program. This was a long time before there was a premium youtube. Some residents of the xda community must have known about this one program.

Pokoknya youtube advanced as a youtube mod which of course brings many features and advantages to the youtube program from the default android.

When before entering the install guide I want to mention the features and advantages of youtube Vance are:

  1. The black theme is intended specifically for AMOLED screens to save battery usage. We know with the built-in version of Youtube there is a youtube dark model but not made really black (special AMOLED screen). Anyway, if your phone uses an AMOLED screen, it is more battery efficient.
  2. 100% clean without annoying ads. You don't have to skip the ad in the middle of the video. You can use play songs on youtube comfortably.
  3. You can use it in the picture in the picture model (for android version 8 and above).
  4. I can play the video in the background or you can turn off your phone screen and keep the video playing. Make me really fit to play a song or listen to a podcast. You can still enjoy the sound without the need for the phone screen to turn on (more battery).
  5. And there are many more please try it yourself. 

How to Install Youtube Vanced on Android

These this tutorial guide how to easily install the Vanced All Android Youtube Application without Root:
  1. Please Download YouTube Vanced First
  2. Install the application as usual (chances are you need to allow installing a 3rd party program).
  3. What when it is over the installation process please open the Vanced.
  4. Done, happy watching videos on YouTube without Ads

Thus for those of you who want to log in to a Google Account in the Vanced YouTube App please Download and Install the Vanced microG. Without a Google Account login, you can also enjoy Youtube videos without ads on the Vanced.

Perhaps was a guide from me on How to install youtube advanced on android phones. If this article is useful for you do not hesitate to share social media so that your colleagues also get the benefits