How to Print Vaccine Cards Free Photoshop Template

In the previous tutorial, I've shared a tutorial on how How to Print Vaccine Cards with CorelDraw 2021. later in this post, I will share another way to print Vaccine Cards using the Adobe Photoshop Application.

With Adobe Photoshop we can easily print Vaccine Cards with various print media, especially using PVC Paper so that the Vaccine Card prints are similar to ID cards. as for what we need in the process of printing vaccine cards including:

  1. Computer or Laptop Unit
  2. Printer with Pigment Ink, it is recommended to use an Epson Brand Printer
  3. PVC Card Paper
  4. Scissors or Paper Cutter
  5. ToolsPVC Cutter
  6. Adobe Photoshop Application Program

Guide to Print Vaccine Cards with CorelDraw

Steps to print vaccine cards using CorelDraw Application are as follows:

  1. Download Vaccine Card via Care for Protect App for Android users or through Peduli Lindungu Website via a computer or laptop browser.
  2. Convert Vaccine Certificate File with JFIF file extension to JPG with Image Converter application such as FastStone Photo Resizer so that it can be opened in Adobe Photoshop
  3. Open Vaccine Certificate File whose extension has been changed to JPG with Adobe Photoshop then edit increasing the Font Size of the Name, NIK, and Date of Birth. Because if it is not edited, it will be enlarged, the Font Size printed on the vaccine certificate will look small and unclear when photocopying. you can download  Print Vaccine Card Template PSD Adobe Photoshop
  4. Drag and Drop the Certificate file to the Vaccine Card Print Template, then adjust the size according to the specified area.
  5. Print Vaccine Cards use PVC Paper in Mirror mode or with Photo Paper in standard mode print the photo.
  6. Setting up the vaccine card on PVC paper and then laminating it
  7. Cut the Vaccine Certificate Card using the IDCard cutter
  8. Done

Those are the steps on how to print Vaccine cards with the CorelDraw Application using Photo Paper or IDCard PVC Paper. For additional information, we accept Vaccine Card Printing Services and other similar PVC cards. if you need our services you can contact us via the following link: PRINT CHEAP PREMIUM QUALITY VACCINE CARD PRINTING SERVICE