How to Register a 2021 Pre-Employment Card via the Latest HP

There is good news for you, the 2021 Pre-Employment Card has finally been opened. For residents who have never received this assistance, please read how to register and the conditions for obtaining a Pre-Employment Card. Of course, the opening of this registration should not be missed by those of you who want to get an injection of funds from the government.

Participants who initially already have a confirmed account can immediately continue the registration process and do a basic motivation and ability test.

If you don't have an account, you can create one on the official Pre-Employment website. After the account is verified, you can register for the Updated Pre-Employment Wave.

Before registering, make sure you meet the requirements so that the registration process can be successful, such as a photo ID card according to the requirements.

Participants who successfully pass the selection will receive training assistance for IDR 1,000,000, intensive assistance for four years. month IDR 600,000 /month, and an intensive assessment survey of IDR 50,000.

Procedures for registering a Pre-Employment Card

Creating an account for participants who do not have accounts

  1. Create an account on the website
  2. Enter your e-mail address and password, then click Register.
  3. Open the e-mail notification sent to the e-mail registered on the Pre-Employment website and confirm.
  4. If you have confirmed, the registration is successful and you can continue with the registration process.


  1. Open and login to the account dashboard via mobile browser or HP.
  2. Next, fill in your NIK, Family Card (KK) number, and date of birth in the ID verification section then click "Continue".
  3. Don'tforget to complete the personal data and make sure all the data is correct.
  4. Upload a photo of your ID card and upload a photo taken directly from the cellphone camera according to the provisions.
  5. Then enter your cellphone number, then write the OTP code that is sent via SMS to verify the mobile number.
  6. Then fill in the Registration Statement according to your circumstances and click OK.
  7. If you have successfully registered, then participants will take the Motivation and Basic Ability test to completion.
  8. Once finished. take the test, specify the wave that is opened then click "Enter".
  9. Then there will be a confirmation of your Wave option.
  10. If it is correct, click "Yes, Enter". there will be a Pre-Employment Agreement containing several acknowledgments. Click "I Agree" to proceed to the next step.

Pre-Employment Card Registration Requirements

There are also requirements or conditions for prospective recipients of training assistance that must be met to register for the Wave available, taking sources from the Pre-Employment site, including:

  1. Indonesian citizens aged 18 years and over.
  2. At the time of registration, they were not taking formal education.
  3. Citizens who are looking for work, employees/workers who have been laid off, or employees/ workers who require an increase in work competence, such as employees/workers who dismissed and the employee is not a wage earner.
  4. Micro and small business actors can register for the Pre-Employment Card program.
  5. No recipients of other social assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic
  6. Participants are not State Officials, Leaders and Members of DPRD, ASN, TNI soldiers, members of the National Police, Head of Hamlet and hamlet apparatus, and Directors/Commissioners/CouncilsSupervisors at BUMN or BUMD.
  7. Only a maximum of two NIK in one Family Card (KK) are recipients of Pre-Employment Cards.

Your registration status can be seen when the Wave selection information is available. This status can be in the account of each participant or notifications sent via SMS and e-mail.

If it is confirmed that you have passed, don't forget to watch 3 videos about the Pre-Employment Card. this method must be implemented so that you can see the Pre-Employment Card number and balance status on the account dashboard. Complete information regarding the registration of the Pre-Employment Card can be found at the Official Pre-Employment Card Website.