How to Reinstall HP Android All Type Brand Tested

Metode or how to reinstall (Flash) android at its core is not much different be it Android brand Advan, Asus, Lenovo, Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, or other manufacturers. What you need and must recognize are the procedure or steps that are good and correct so that the Re Flash process can run as it should be successful and successful.

To do a hard reset on an android, you can actually do it yourself do not need to ask for help from experts but it is important to be ready to face all the risks that occur later.

Android or often called mobile phone is hardware that is divided into 2 types of electronic elements in the form of hardware and software designed to be used as a communication medium and processor of various multimedia files. But in addition to its various roles, the most terrible "scourge" by some smartphone users is Damage that is often faced.

The cause of damage to this hardware can be caused by several things, starting from usage that is not by procedures, because of an event that is out of the plan, or because of use for a long period.

For people who are not so happy with the difficult thing, chances are if they experience this, they will immediately bring it to the service expert by having to spend of course. Did you know that this update process can be done alone does not need to spend a large fee?

How is this more I recommend because the more it can give confidence and make sure the damage is current before it is given into the hands of experts? Because if because of only minor damage next, we bring to the Expert, it is completely ineffective. Make sure if we really can not do it alone, just give it to those who are qualified in its part.

The re-installed android or HP Advan, Asus, Lenovo, Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, SPC, Infinix

In the process this time, I will group it into 2 groups, namely :

1. Who can live on

2. The ones who have died the whole

Ok, instantly. For the first state for mobile phones that can live on (can enter the DLL menu)

Pa help other application programs

How is this done if your hardware experiences signs such as :

  1. Sering blank aka Live screen but cannot be operationalized.
  2. Sering died on his own suddenly
  3. Indadadak so let alias lama give a response.
  4. Sering error when opening the application program.
  5. Memory is in good condition but does not exit the stored data
  6. There is a virus that cannot be removed by manual means.
  7. saying is missing (specifically in this case, you can read about how to restore the lost signal).
  8. Some other errors occur and I won't mention, you can try it too
  9. For example, the code (this is not counted, this I grouped in the 2nd review later) entered the menu alone can not, want to press what try, hehe.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Salin all contact phone numbers in a book, IT IS MANDATORY to anticipate because the opportunity can also lose data, you can write back with the manual later after the process is completed.
  2. Simpan all files (images, music, videos) and everything you expect in external memory (which can be released) and release the memory during the process later, MANDATORY.
  3. I assure you the battery is full or full and do not use the battery that has gone down, or you can often by plugging the casa MANDATORY.
  4. Found all passwords and account addresses such as (BBM, WA, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, EMAIL, GAME) this has the goal to log in again later because all will return like a phone just purchased alias still empty all MANDATORY.
  5. If all the above setups you have done after that enter the menu "setting" or arrangement is generally in the GIR image in the right upper corner of the Screen.
  6. If it had been, in that menu, look for "Backup and Reset" (can also be written Reset, reverse the factory arrangement, return again to the original arrangement) different brands generally vary, but anyway the same, looking for similar speeches.
  7. Klik backup or sentences like that and look forward to the process until it is finished, when it is finished the phone will re-start itself (no need to write for example: Protect the application program, Protect the account and the like) this has the goal that all are stored with prime, if you control the thing I call, this process is not 100% later, aka not like just returned.
  8. finish.

Use the help of other application programs.

Some of the steps are :

  1. Install application program for data recovery, many spread on websites located on GOOGLE and can use the application program Arnon_RA or Clorkworkmod please determine according to taste.
  2. Set up firmware /custom ROM that suits the type and brand of the phone, put the file on the phone, there are many on several sites on google search.
  3. Pasang memory as an area to store custom ROM that you have obtained.
  4. Atat the phone and go into the "recovery model" the trick can be seen in the review below.
  5. If it has entered the recovery menu, back up some important data
  6. Then to be able to reset in detail, please specify: wipe data next wipe cache partition wipe device cache.
  7. Masih on that menu, do flashing room or install using zip files that are in memory as the way above.
  8. After completion of the room installation process, please specify the "re-boot mechanism".
  9. Complete

What if it's on again, please try and watch the results, if all is smooth, install the again memory and write the phone number and install back the application program you need. Try to do it and see how it goes. If the pain is the same and there is no transition, you want to do the process below.

The next thing is for the 2nd state of the day; namely: the mobile phone that has died the whole (matot). Some steps that can be done are :

This one can also be done when the upper way does not bear fruit, and this process I group into 2 sides, namely :

  1. Adding using his phone (with a note can enter the re-boot menu when the special button is pressed) without the application program.
  2. Use the help of a netbook or pc (when pressing a special button but the phone cannot enter the re-boot menu).

We will review one-on-one :

  1. The phone uses.
  2. Then the process is carried out with the requirement: the phone can enter the re-boot menu, the purpose is how, please read:
  3. Lepas the external, no need to be installed when doing this process.
  4. Ensure the battery is full and does not go down, but you can often stitch the cas to anticipate the exhaustion of power during the process, because when the process is not finished, the phone is off, which can add bad conditions.
The special button (in this section, different brands of buttons that need to be pressed), while the list of buttons that need to be pressed according to the brand is :

  • Samsung galaxy mini, ace,gio fit home button + power.
  • Samsung galaxy w (wonder): press volume up + power + home after exiting the symbol press the menu button.
  • Samsung galaxy pro: button + power.
  • Samsung galaxy 551 : T button + power.
  • Samsung galaxy young GSM: volume up + home + power.
  • Samsung galaxy young CDMA: press power, when there is a symbol press and hold the up.
  • Samsung galaxy tab 7: up button + power.
  • Samsung Galaxy mini S6500 : press up button + down + home + power.
  • Samsung galaxy chat: press down button + home + power.
  • Samsung galaxy ace plus: press the volume up key + down + home coincides and hold for a moment, then press the power button without being held (press just once).
  • Asus: press the top volume key + power.
  • Advan Android: press the power + volume down button after the symbol presses the home.
  • Advan T1C: press power until startup, directly press volume down after there is a triangular image press the home button or menu.
  • Acer E210 and Acer liquid metal: press the down button + camera + power.
  • Blueberry CSL Mi 410: press volume up + volume down + power then press the home.
  • Bluebery CSL Mi 320 : press trekpad + volume up + power.
  • Cross A1 tab mate: press volume down + power.
  • Cross A6T tab mate: press the home button + up + power.
  • Cross AD350: press the home button + down + power, when exiting the 'exciting' sign press home.
  • HTC: press the power key + down + menu.
  • Huawei X3 and X5: press volume up + power.
  • Huawei S7: press menu + power + call or call.
  • IMO tab Z5: press volume down + power when exiting symbols, detaching power while the volume button is still pressed.
  • IVIO DE88: press the camera key + home when exiting the symbol press the menu key + back.
  • LG L3 E400: press middle button + top volume + power.
  • Lenovo: press the volume down key + up + power.
  • Smartfren andromax: press the power key + volume down.
  • Sony Xperia: turn on the phone when it looks like the LED lights on press the volume up button. many times.
  • Xiaomi: press the volume up + power.

Tombol above plays a role to be able to enter the menu "recovery", please determine according to the brand you have, if you are looking for the code button but do not get it in some articles, please can be done with "experiment" on all buttons. Generally used is a button that can be pressed (not touchscreen).

After entering the recovery menu, then what's back? please continue The step :

In the picture above is the inclusion of the recovery menu, then continue with :

  1. You need to specify the writing "wipe/factory reset" as in the picture above.
  2. For the descent and rise of navigation, please use the volume.
  3. For "enter" please use the menu button or if you can not use the power.
  4. A process until it's over.
  5. Don't be tampered with while running the wipe.
  6. Wed after completion the phone will re-start and Live On.
  7. Setting like you just bought it.
  8. finish.


  • It is used for phones that can respond when pressing the combination button.
  • I assure you have believed in all the risks, if you are still doubted or even afraid, DO NOT DO it

Use a Computer or Laptop

This is the last way if all of the above methods do not bear fruit. It can also be used for phones that don't respond to the same combination buttons as I explained above. Or even if your phone is really in a state that can not be used really, and the LED lights are not on once. But the chances of success are few, because usually if the lights are not on, it's damage to the engine elements, so it must be reshuffled.

I don't hurt you Do this process, who knows can return to normal, and for some steps is :

  1. Install the driver first, please look for the MediaTek USB VCOM application program for andro which is available a lot on several application program sites. Then you do the installation. This is the role of connecting your device to a netbook or pc.
  2. Cari custom room /firmware that suits the type or brand of the phone, and put it on your netbook.
  3. Install the SP_flashtool application program for android (please search on the application program supplier website).
  4. Buka application program SP_flashtoolnya.
  5. Pil "scatter-loading".
  6. Cari file " scatter emmc. txt ".
  7. Weds a box other than DA DL ALL or just Ceklist it and determine download.
  8. Thtunggu the download process is done with followed by a "purple" color bar if I don't compare the colors wrong
  9. Tt the phone and connect it using a USB.
  10. cable
  11. Otomatis bars that were originally purple will turn yellow (come back again if I'm not color blind).
  12. That color is a sign if the installation process is running.
  13. Pp the "green" color bar or application program show notifications if the process is complete.
  14. But, and try to live it
  15. A matter, if you are patient for a long time
  16. finish.

From the gloom of the above process, you should do this by READING THE NOTES I recorded with a red marker. If you have not seen the results, then you go towards the service place which of course must be most trusted.

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That's a discussion about The Step of Installing Repeat Android for all brands such as (Advan, Asus, Lenovo, Oppo, Samsung), Hopefully, it can help you restore your phone's performance to normal again. Thank you for reading, see uu.