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Guest Post is part of the word from the word Guest that has the meaning of Guest and Post meaning Post. This has the meaning you can publish an article to the blog target according to the requirements and provisions of the guest post topic provided by the blog owner. 

What is a Guest Post?

A guest post is a guest post or a blog that opens a Guest Post Service or the opportunity for you to publish an article (submit guest post) to the blog. In the article post, each blog has its own requirements and provisions. Some have to be paid and some are free, but they still fit the appropriate category of the blog. 

But not all blogs open the opportunity, because you have to be observant to see if there is an opportunity to be able to do a Guest Post on that blog by sending an e-mail or seeing a special blog page that explains about advertise / guest post.

Manfaat Guest Post

What are the benefits of Guest Post for Guest Post article creators? Actually, there are many benefits for Bloggers who want to do Gust Post to a Blog including:

  1. Providing Brands / Businesses
  2. Increase Reputation
  3. Finding Quality Back-links
  4. Ending DA - PA
  5. Find Brand Awareness
  6. Increase Web Visitors
  7. Leader the Market
  8. Increase Keyword Ranking
  9. Increase Business Turnover

These benefit Blog owners who open Guest posts.

  1. Insole Recent Articles for free or even paid
  2. Increase Visitors
  3. Increase Reputation
  4. Increase The Field of Discussion
  5. Increase Revenue
  6. Increase Business Associates

Kriteria Guest Post article

Articles that are published have an important role that can affect blog owners and those who use guest post services. Should the published article have good requirements to extend the life of your business to the blogger or vice versa? Why is the role of the article so important?

The above is known if the benefits of Guest posts are divided into two, namely to Blogger and Guest Post Service users. But bad things can happen when the requirements of the article published only cause losses on the part of bloggers or guest post service users. Here are the requirements of the article that should be of concern to the 2nd party.

The article should have a useful title with a length of 45-55 characters. The title of the article should not only contain the brand name/blog but also must have keywords. The whole word in an article should be 300-700 words and an image of good quality. 

You can pair videos from Youtube if needed. For Dofollow links should be 1-2 links only. The discussion of an article is actually good is not only a brand/product review, but it would be better if the article as guide info or reviews about useful things and must be easily understood by readers.

How to create Guest Post Blog Indonesia

In creating a Guest Post Article the main thing to prepare before writing is:

What can you give?

How did your writing change the lives of some readers? Is it about providing information they didn't know at first? Or inspiring the narrative we write?

What are the results you're hoping for?"

Focus on the direction in front. Do you want to increase your readership or expand your name in the virtual universe?

Below are some steps to create a guest post that has meaning!

1. Find out about the blog before you start

How is your way to find out the character of the blog reader, the arguments they read it, and what problems, fears, questions, dreams, or goals they face? You can write new topics with the same writing style as the previous ones

2. Build a relationship that wears a heart

How to readers if you can see them, even feel what they're going through. The easiest step is to write a comment in the Facebook column or blog.

3. Solve a small problem

You do not need to be silent with the completion of some big problems in the life of reading. When you can solve the difficulties of readers in everyday life, they will look for you to solve the growing problem

4. Create that content carefully

Spend more time planning content, write an enthralling introduction, give readers confidence if they can navigate in the middle of the writing, and write a title that 'sells'

5. Use links in posts and bios wisely

Umum blog that allows guest posts will provide a "bio" column. Use that column by listing your blog link and other post links.

Open Guest Post Gratis 

To increase the existence and benefits of Blog Sharing Online Tutorials as one of the learning and sharing of various tutorials. I as the Owner and Admin of Blog Sharing Tutorial Online receive Free Guest posts for Blogger friends who want to share and donate their Guest Post articles through Blog Sharing Tutorial Online.

I also open opportunities to content creators or anyone who writes and shares knowledge through writing but does not have a place or place to appreciate/share their work. You can share your knowledge and benefit from the work shared with others

The Free Guest Post

The sincereness in creating and sharing tutorial content without expecting rewards in the form of material, because here the main purpose is to learn and share knowledge to provide solutions to others beatifically. Hopefully, the knowledge shared gets a charity reward. 

Tutorial created to customize the Niche Blog Sharing Online Tutorials around Computers, Laptops, Printers, Android, and Social Media Application Tips. Discussions beyond what I mentioned are no guarantees of acceptance and publication. Preferably before making a tutorial outside the mentioned niche please contact me first.

Tutorials made must be accountable and proven to be true, prohibited to make tutorials that mislead users.

The original created must be purely homemade and must not copy or rewrite other people's posts either in whole or in part. This is to avoid plagiarism that is not allowed in the world of blogging.

Ortorial created may not be self-published or shared with other Bloggers to be republished. This is to avoid the indication of double publication content that leads to plagiarism.

The tutorial must consist of a minimum of 300 or more words accompanied by supporting images and/or videos where possible

Jujuju Tutorial sent will be reviewed before publication and re-edited for the sake of improvement and adjustment including the removal of points that are considered unimportant or excessive and the addition of content for refinement.

Content Guest Post that is proven to be the result of copas or rewrites of other people's articles will not be published, so make sure the submitted article is 100% Unique. Include the Profile Name and Profile Description that will be displayed at the end of the post.

Please send your Article Guest Post by email:

Mo please be patient if the message does not immediately get a response or be responded to. Use some of the messaging methods above to contact Admin.