Tips for Selling Online Services so that Many Consumers

How to Promote Free Online Service Products!! So that Many Consumers Are Latest and Proven Wort-it. Online Promotion Steps Don't Have to Be Expensive, 100% Free

Product Promotion-Online Services does not have to be expensive, can even be done for Free, and are happy to trigger consumer interest in our Online Services. So far we assume that promotional activities require very expensive costs, so we are lazy to do so.

How are the Steps to Promote Free Online Service Products?

Promosi is the activity of disseminating information about service products that we sell so that it is increasingly known by many people. Promotional activities in the online world can be carried out for free just take advantage of our internet package. However, when doing a Promotion, do not get too excessive because it can disturb and make uncomfortable some people who see promotional ads for our services.

These Free Promotion

Ese Efficient and Effective Free Promotion

1. To introduce and disseminate products (Promotion), choose places that are strategic and visited by many people on the Internet. Choose a location that is crowded by consumers, either through the Application or through the Personal Website. Register and start publishing products regularly (scheduled) on Large Marketplaces such as Facebook, Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, or Lazada by following the Rules / Conditions applied by the marketplace, Every minute there are several thousand new products appear, should not only publish 1 or 2x but also publish products as often as possible by still following the existing provisions

2. Use Social Media but can't SPAM, is it spamming? Spamming is a promotional activity that makes social media users feel uncomfortable and even lazy to buy products that we market because they do not fit the path. Social media spamming activities such as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that consumers hate one of them is sending excessive direct messages, Tag / Mark people's perfunctory and other things make uncomfortable. Free Promotion on Social Media Can be done on the right track such as multiplying colleagues, up-date status variations so as not to drab and place ads/promotion of products in several Groups Buying and Selling Online Fb or Google Plus in the appropriate category, for example, you sell products BPJS Registration Services Online dan NPWP Online Registration Services, Find and Join the Buying and Selling Group on Facebook, should not spamming in groups with many different topics.

3. Create a Website With Topics and Contains Guides / Tricks Tutorials related to the efforts we pursue, so that on the website we can install our business/product banners. The advantage of making the website the same by / related to the business we live in is the arrival of Prospective Buyers in segmentation that is targeted well, meaning that those who open the website later are people who have greater potential to buy online service products that we sell. Suppose we sell Hijab / Kudung, Create a Priibadi Website filled with Articles About Guides and Tutorials and steps to wear hijab/guidance around Muslim women. The more articles we record (Without Copy Paste) the greater the chance that our website often exists in search engines such as Google.

4. Promote Your Online Service Products through Status. Yes. Through status in social media applications that are widely used by Android users today such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp we can promote online service products appropriately and optimally. Many people sometimes take advantage of their free time to look around the status of others on social media. This is one of the great opportunities for us to promote service products directly to the target. 

What are the 4 ways that I recommend for the promotion of online service products today has proven to be powerful can attract many customers and increase sales turnover through Social Media Applications that you can all try to practice