How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard That Doesn't Work Partially

There are many causes of Laptop keyboard not working some of the common ones are

  1. Certain drivers not running normally
  2. Keyboard locked
  3. Keyboard error due to water spill
  4. There is dirt stuck in between keyboard
  5. The rubber keys (keys) are slightly damaged
  6. Keyboard components are damaged
  7. Laptops are old

Steps to Overcome Laptop Keyboard Not Working Some of the keys to work on it, here I want to review how to fix a Laptop keyboard not working some of the buttons.

1. restart Your Laptop

By restarting the Laptop you can do to fix the problem Laptop Keyboard does not work partially. because some Laptop keyboard problems don't work, it can occur due to accidentally disabled effects or from certain applications. turn it on.

2. make sure the Laptop Keyboard is Unlocked

Making sure the Laptop Keyboard is Unlocked is very important. More or less the same as before, but this is not because it is disabled (disabled) but locked (locked). the effects or locked effects here can be found on all keyboard keys or only some keys. Until the keyboard becomes non-functional.

3. Check the Numlock Key

What does the numlock key have to do with this problem? It's actually very related. I used to, when suddenly typing some letters on the laptop keyboard, it didn't work.

I was confused about the cause, a few moments later, I accidentally turned off the numlock key, the result went back. Please try earlier.

4. check Applications or Drivers Installed Initially

Have you ever installed a specific driver? Or your keyboard has a special feature, which needs to be installed with drivers first?

This nach needs to be checked. because it could be one of the causes of the Laptop keyboard keys not working partially. The method is simple as follows:

First, try to remember whether there are drivers that were previously installed?

Secondly, if any, please delete your laptop keyboard driver first.

For how to remove it:

  1. Click Start
  2. Next open the Control Panel
  3. Control Panel in Windows
  4. Enter menu Uninstall Program
  5. Please uninstall the program
  6. Check Previously Installed Applications or Drivers

Note: Try ituse an application such as CCleaner to clean the remnants of the existing registry (to be clean).

5. reinstall Laptop Keyboard Driver

Sounds the same as before, but the review here is about the drivers in Device Manager, not the installed application drivers. so, all devices on the laptop will be automatically detected in the Device Manager, and there will be a certain (default) driver installed.

It is recommended to refresh the driver. how to open Device Manager (Through the search field)

Open the keyboard options >> Choose one of them (whichever)

Then click update driver software. Then just follow the steps.

Note: the process is complete, don't forget to restartLaptops.

6. make sure the Laptop Keyboard is not swapped

Switching laptop keyboard keys can also make it appear as if the keyboard cannot be partially pressed. For example, when the letters WASD are replaced with arrows, what happens? Yep, at first glance, it looks like it doesn't work.

7. clean your Laptop Keyboard

Laptop keyboards are dirty, can interfere with keyboard function, and can make some (if not all) keys difficult to press, or maybe not press at all.

Try cleaning your Laptop Keyboard keys first using a brush. . At least so that the attached dust is gone. if you have used the Keyboard Tester application, you can focus on the keys that don't work.

Actually, here it is more recommended to remove the wrong keys, then clean the board under the rubber (rubber) keyboard. However, this step is not recommended for those of you who have never done it, because if it is wrong, the latch can be detached and cannot be re-attached.

8. Check the Laptop Keyboard Connector

On a laptop, there is one connector that serves to connect the keyboard to make it work. Not infrequently, if the connector is dirty, detached, or does not fit. The impact can make the Laptop keyboard problem partly not work. to fix it, we have to check the connector, remove it and then put it back in until it fits perfectly.

9. Laptop Keyboard Replacement Service

If the problem is with a component and you can't fix it yourself, I'd recommend taking it to a professional. For example, like the problem with the connector earlier, this is actually a simple problem (For technicians). But still, if you are not experienced, it can make the keyboard unusable later.