how to reinstall a new laptop without entering the BIOS

This tutorial is part of my work documentation when I was trying to solve the problem of a New Laptop that couldn't be installed. Additional applications are marked by always appearing notifications For Security and performance This Mode of Windows Only Runs Microsoft-Verified Apps when trying to run the Installer Program of a Windows Application.

Not all laptop users can reinstall Windows independently, especially the most common difficulty is the procedure for entering and setting Boot Priority in the BIOS when using a Master Bootable Install Windows Flashdisk.

Here I will share tips on how to easily Reinstall Windows Laptops in various brands using the Bootable Installer Windows 10 FlashDisk without entering the BIOS. So you can practice reinstalling a new Windows Laptop very easily

How to Reinstall a New Laptop with a Bootable Flashdisk Without Entering the BIOS

The way is when the Laptop is on, the Windows window opens, just press the Shift button and hold it then click Start and select Restart. then the laptop will automatically enter the mode as shown in the photo below:

Select the Use a Device option, then select USB Drive (UEFI) so that the Laptop will immediately restart and boot via the Bootable Windows Installer Flashdisk.

Continue Setting Language and formatting date and time according to country and click Next

Checklist I Want to Make the Installation of Windows and Click Next

Agree to the Applicable notices and license terms by clicking Access

There are three options, please adjust them according to your needs, choose the first option Keep Personal Files and Apps for those of you who want to reinstall Windows Laptops but still retain the files and applications that were installed previously.

Select the Keep Personal Files Only option to keep only the document files, while removing the application program

Or select Nothing for total format options without preserving the Files and Application Programs that were on the previous Laptop. Click Next to continue

Wait for the Windows process to check and get updates

Click Install to start the Windows Reinstallation process

Wait for the Windows 10 Laptop Install process to finish automatically

After waiting for about 15 - 30 minutes, depending on the specifications of your laptop, finally, the Practice of Re-installing Windows 10 Laptop with Windows Flashsik Bootable Installer without entering BIOS was successful.

The next step is to Install Laptop Drivers using the Driver Pack Application and also Install Additional Windows Applications according to your individual needs.

That's a Tutorial Guide How to Easily Reinstall a New Windows Laptop Using the Master Bootable Installer Windows 10 Flashsik without entering the BIOS which is easy enough for you to try practicing yourself at home.