How to Overcome a Laptop Entering Windows Repair Mode

Sometimes for no apparent reason Laptops that were previously normal suddenly when they are about to be used and turned on have problems or problems with Windows system errors and one of the things that often happens is when the laptop is turned on, it enters Automatic Repair Mode.

The problem of laptops entering Automatic Repair mode often occurs, both for laptop users who use the Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems for the actual cause, there are many factors, but there are several factors that often or are at risk of causing problems with the laptop entering Automatic Repair mode, including:

  1. Frequently shut down via Power Button, this usually happens to new laptop users or beginners. Where the user does not know how to properly and correctly turn off the laptop. Many beginners think that turning off a laptop is the same as turning off electronic devices in general, namely pressing the power button.
  2. Laptops often turn off by themselves, so that the Windows system on the hard drive will gradually have problems. This could be due to weak battery life or overhead due to the laptop cooling fan not working properly. The virus detects the program or application incorrectly running which is considered a virus.
  3. Hard disk condition is not healthy, Hard drive condition that is old or unhealthy due to usage factors that may not be by procedures can also trigger Windows System Errors so that they occur when the laptop is turned on, it goes into automatic repair mode.
  4. Failed to Install Windows Update. failure in the process of installing windows updates can also risk the occurrence of Windows system error problems itself so that in the end enter Windows Automatic Repair mode.

For how to solve the problem of Laptops Entering Windows Repair Mode continuously when turned on you can try selecting the following 3 options:

  1. Choose Windows Normally Start Option, if the Windows error level on the laptop is not heavy (light) usually the problem of laptops entering repair mode can be easily overcome.
  2. Selecting the Repair Windows option, you can choose this second option if after trying the Start Windows Normally option, the laptop still cannot enter the Windows Desktop window. Usually, the system will automatically scan and fix errors on windows. The process is usually between 5 - 30 minutes depending on the level of light, moderate or severe problems.
  3. Reinstalling Windows, this third option is the last if it turns out that after selecting the Repair Windows option, the problem of the laptop entering automatic repair mode is not resolved. if the condition of the hard drive is still healthy and normal, usually by re-installing Windows laptops that enter automatic repair windows mode continuously when turned on can return to normal as usual.
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That's ita brief discussion of the causes of Windows error problems on computers and laptops that cause the laptop to suddenly enter automatic repair mode when turned on. please try to practice it yourself, hopefully, the problems you face will be resolved soon.