How to Scan F4 Documents on A4 Scanner

In certain conditions, for example, when we are completing the filing, we need a soft copy of the document in the form of a scanned document in PDF format provided that the scanned document must not be cut off. Then what if the document that we scan uses F4/Legal paper which of course will be cut off when scanned using an A4 scanner. While almost the majority of scanner types currently available are A4 in size, how do you deal with it?

In this post, I will share tips on how to scan F4 or legal-sized documents using an A4 scanner with full-page results without being cut off. Immediately, please follow the following guidelines:

Step One, please scan a part of the F4 document, for example, first scan the upper area and then scan again the lower half of the previously unscanned area. use the Adobe Photoshop application in the scan process so that later we will be easier in the editing process.

The second step, after successfully scanning 2 parts (chunks) of the document, then combines the two pieces in a worksheet. you can create a New Page then select the document area and then drag it to the New Page worksheet.

Step Four, save the document-editing results in JPG or PDF format. For files that are later needed in a PDF extension with a small size, I recommend saving the document file first in JPG format, then later the JPG file is converted to PDF using an online or offline converter application.

For more details, please see the video tutorial on how to Scan an F4 Document on the A4 Scanner with full-page results without being cut off using the following Adobe Photoshop application:

That's the tutorial guide on how to easily Scan a Size F4 Document on the A4 Scanner with full-page results, there are no truncated pages, good luck and practice this tutorial.