How to ByPass FRP Infinix X6511B Smart 6 Hydra Tool

Alhamdulillah, yesterday long story short I got a Job ByPass FRP Android Infinix Type Smart 6 (X6511B) which was intentionally hard reset by the owner, but apparently the owner doesn't remember at all and forgot the email and Google Account password that was previously synced.

Just right away, here I share a tutorial on how to easily bypass FRP Infinix Smart 6 (X6511B) using the Hydra Unisoc Tool Application.

  1. Run the Hydra Unisoc Tool Application
  2. Brand Options select Infinix, Model: X6511B (Smart 6)
  3. Click Boot Info then connect Infinix Smart 6 (X6511B) in position Off while pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously
  4. After the Infinix Smart 6 (X6511B) device is read perfectly, Click the Service Menu Tab
  5. Select Factory Reset Protection Option
  6. Select FRP Remove Flash Mode
  7. Click Execute, and Wait for the bypass process
  8. Done

That's a short and easy guide on how to solve an FRP-locked Android Infinix Smart 6 (X6511B) due to forgetting a previously synced Google Account. Good luck!..