Bypass FRP Samsung J2 Prime ODIN Tool

There are 2 ways to bypass Android Samsung J2 Prime locked FRP Google Account. The first way is to use the Full Finger Gymnastics method, and the second way is to use the help of the ODIN Application and FRP Hijacker.

Of the 2 methods above, all of them are easy to practice, for the finger exercise method, please search and find it through a search on this blog. Meanwhile, for the semi-finger exercise method, please refer to the following steps:

In the first step, please flash the Samsung J2 Prime using the file ByPass ADB Samsung J2 Prime. by flashing using the ADB Bypass file, the ADB option on Android Samsung J2 Prime will be activated automatically which can later help in the FRP bypass process.

After flashing, try turning on the Samsung J2 Prime. If you experience Bootloop stuck on the Samsung logo, please do a Hard Reset via a key combination and then restart.

Step Two, connect the Samsung J2 Prime with the computer in a powered state, and enter the setup mode for using the device after doing a Factory Reset. Run the FRP Hijacker by Hagard application then click Scan Port and then click Remove FRP

The Allow Access notification appears on the Samsung J2 Prime screen, confirming the permission and waiting for the ByPass process to succeed. Then the Samsung J2 Prime will enter the menu page, but remember that this bypass is not permanent.

In the third step, reconnect the Samsung J2 Prime with the computer then on the FRP Hijacker By Haggard application, please click on the Factory Reset option. if it turns out that Samsung J2 Prime does not respond to the Factory Reset command then we have to do a Factory Reset (Back to Factory Settings) manually

Try activating the Developer Menu option, then if it works, just activate OEM Unlock and do a Factory Reset.

If it doesn't work / can't activate Developer Options, please download the following application: GAM dan Smart ByPass FRP Tool.

Install the GAM application, after it's finished, just install the Smart ByPass FRP Tool application then do the ByPass method (if you don't know how, please find the method in the discussion of the bypass finger exercise method on this blog).

After success, restart Samsung J2 Prime then Activate Developer Options, Enable OEM Unlock and Reset to Factory Settings so that the email we use for the bypass is lost and Samsung J2 Prime is completely clean. Good luck!...